Arriving – Finding Joy in the Journey

I used to wonder when I would finally feel like I'd 'arrived' as an author. When I finished my first book? Got self-published? Tradionally-published? Or maybe it would be when I became a bestselling author, was internationally recognized or could support myself on my royalties. It's an elusive thought that I sometimes want to peg … Continue reading Arriving – Finding Joy in the Journey

Being Me

Life has been crazy recently and promises to continue with that trend for the unseeable future. Which is a good thing. What provides more story ideas than living a jam-packed full life? And of course autumn is in the air so craziness is good. (You can see my logic is really impressive there: If it's happening … Continue reading Being Me

The Sparrow Found A House // Giveaway + Free Digital Books

.quoteCredit { margin-top:-10px; } The following is a guest post by Jason McIntire, author of The Sparrow Found A House, a Christian novel for young adults and families.Aidyl Ewoh has kindly agreed to let me guest post on her blog today, offering you readers a chance to win your own copy of my book, The … Continue reading The Sparrow Found A House // Giveaway + Free Digital Books

50/50 Jaunt – Montana (Ellie)

Greetings, salutations and benevolent obeisances!My name is Ellie and I'm from the state of Montana. I hold a blog over at (also a writers group at I'm a homeschooled teenage girl: writer, musician, nerd and etc.I'm in for Aidyl's 50/50 jaunt; writing about my home state: Montana.I've lived in Montana since I was … Continue reading 50/50 Jaunt – Montana (Ellie)