Pianos, Teaching, and a Guest

Today I have a special guest post, spotlighting a book about how to teach piano. 
I “met” Amanda (the author) via another blogger, Jason, who has helped with beta reading When Life Hands You Lymes. Jason had interviewed Amanda for his blog, and had come to the conclusion that she might enjoy beta reading WLHYL for me, since the main character is a classical pianist. I contacted Amanda, and she kindly agreed to beta read, and then proceeded to offer some great insights for the book. 
About Amanda
Amanda Tero is a Christian music teacher, currently residing in Mississippi. She has played piano since the age of seven, studying classical performance, theory, and arranging from various teachers.  She began teaching private piano and violin lessons in 2007, equipping church musicians with a balance of classical and hymn education. 

In 2016 she released her first how-to book for musicians entitled, “Me? Teach Piano?” You may purchase this book on Amazon (click here).

Find her blog here, and her music website here.
About The Book

About The Process of Writing “Me? Teach Piano?” (By Amanda)

I’ve been a writer since before I was ten. It wasn’t that I was amazing with words or anything (trust me: Mom always catches plenty of “Amanda-isms” in my writing before it hits the public!). I just loved a good story, and I wanted to be a part of creating more.

“Me? Teach Piano?” was a totally different field, being a non-fiction, educational-type book. This was definitely not something I initially set out to write. But in a matter of just a few months, several of my friends/former piano students began quizzing me on teaching piano. I wrote at least two long letters with different tips and pointers plus had a serious “Q&A” phone call. I guess you could say that was the seed that planted the desire for me to help many others teach piano (cause… I’m a teacher. And I even like teaching others how to teach). 

When it came time to write “Me? Teach Piano?” I approached it completely differently than a piece of fiction. Usually, ideas go from… well, ideas… to more ideas and more. But when it came to funneling the lessons I’ve learned about teaching into a booklet, I didn’t really know where to start. So, I gathered the information that I had given my friends (you never know when a letter might be returned to you, do you? ;)). But then, I sent out emails and texts to various pianists I knew with, “If you had any question about teaching, what would it be?” The responses I got pretty much built my booklet. I organized their questions by topic and set to answering them in the five chapters that make up “Me? Teach Piano?” 

In a way, I treated writing “Me? Teach Piano?” like writing a very long letter to someone I really wanted to help succeed (hence, there’s a light-hearted feel to it). I am still amazed with how smoothly the actual writing process went, though. I’m not much of a “binge-writer” where I sit down and write thousands of words at a time. But when it came to this, the Lord gave me clarity of thought and plenty of ideas and my fingers flew.

Now, for the publishing part. “Me? Teach Piano?” actually sat for about eight months after I did the final edits before I started publishing it (long story short, we were building a house and getting it finished in those months). In that time, I had published “Journey to Love” (fictional novella about a girl from the orphan train) which gave me a head-start on formatting “Me? Teach Piano?” 

One of my favorite parts about publishing “Me? Teach Piano?” was how God provided that amazing cover design that the world sees. I can’t even draw a stick-person and though I have a few sisters who draw well, my idea wasn’t their style. Not knowing where to begin, I posted an “ad” for it on several FaceBook pages, contacted a few artists, and did a lot of praying. It was actually my sister, Elizabeth, who found my artist (“You know, my friend’s little sister draws cartoon-style…”). When I emailed Sydney to see if this was something she’d be interested in, she replied a very enthusiastic, “Yes!” saying that she’d been praying for a way to use her art for God’s glory. Wow. You just can’t get any better than that! She was great to work with. 

Elizabeth (same sister who suggested Sydney) drew the whimsical interior designs, and the rest is pretty much history. “Me? Teach Piano?” is out there, and I pray that it aids and encourages many upcoming teachers!

What I (Lydia) Thought of Me? Teach Piano?
I’m not a piano teacher, piano player, or even remotely musical. Nevertheless, even I found the book interesting. The format is fantastically easy to concentrate on, the writing style a breeze to read through, and the information presented in a way that is impactful without being overwhelming. Plus, in addition to coming across as really professional, it also had a light-hearted, whimsical feel to it. 
In reality, I didn’t expect to do more than skim-read the book to get an idea of what it’s about, but after I started, I was sucked in and wanted to know how a piano teacher goes about teaching. The book is brief, but full of helpful information such as how to prepare before you start teaching (things to include in a student contract, etc…), how to choose the amount to charge, what to do if a student isn’t getting anywhere, the benefits of recitals, and the list goes on. 
There were several times the book brought to mind “For Dummies books” which is a high compliment, because I find the “Dummie” books to be quite helpful. Overall, I highly recommend Amanda’s book to anyone who is interested in teaching piano. Buy your copy here
Thanks, Amanda, for joining me on Noveltea today!

4 thoughts on “Pianos, Teaching, and a Guest

  1. Aidyl Ewoh says:

    Yay! I'm glad you liked it. 🙂 I knew it was a bit longer than I generally aim for (my review at the end was a last-minute-decision), but I thought all the information was important. 😉


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