Indonesia! Part Two – By Sarah

And finally… We have Part Two of Indonesia! An interview with Sarah. Sadly, some of the pictures weren’t working correctly, so I’m missing some really cool ones. Oh well, the rest of the interview is great and I hope you enjoy! Oh, and in case any of you are new… Sarah is one of my best friends, she and her family live over in Indonesia because of a composting business her dad started. My brother’s going to Indonesia (he’s leaving today!) and is going to get to visit her family some (they are great family friends), and so I decided to share some of the culture and such with y’all. 🙂

8. What is your favorite Indonesian meal? 

Soto. It’s complicated. Chicken, spiced broth (not spicy, but lots of spices), rice noodles, and sprouts, garnished with fried potatoes, green onions, celery, lemon juice, and rice chips. 

9. What is the language like? 

Indonesian is a pretty simple language. The vowel sounds are pronounced like Spanish. It’s not a very descriptive language and we have to say more words to express what we want to say than we do in English.

10. Are you able to read the language there? 

Yes. It’s more simple than English. There are no exceptions in spelling or sounds. What it looks like is what it sounds like.

11. What’s one of the coolest things you’ve gotten to do over there? 

I’m trying to decide between climbing a mountain nearby or snorkling in Karimunjawa. Karimunjawa wins! The ocean fascinates me and we were in it a lot. There was great colorful coral and all kinds of fish. The boat rides were also thrilling. I liked sitting on the front tip of the boat and every time we went over a wave my feet were swimming and my face splashed. We went to an island that only had three brothers living on it, we walked all the way around it as a family.

12. What kind of animals do they have? 

Some would be water-buffalo, monkeys, tigers, and many domestic animals. In some areas monkeys are tamed and used to climb coconut trees to get coconut. It’s so fun to watch them run up, follow their master’s orders, twist a coconut off and drop it. They also tame them to do antics for money, like riding a mini bike, walking on stilts, and carrying a little basket and umbrella like they’re going to market.

13. What is the strangest thing you’ve eaten? 

Cow-skin or dog meat would be the strangest. Or Durian, a fruit that you either hate or get addicted to. It has a very strong flavor like onions – but sweet. It’s slimy and yellow. Some of my siblings love it, but I haven’t acquired a taste for it yet. Its shell has been used as a weapon because of its hard, sharp thorns and weight. 

14. What did you miss most from the USA when you moved over there? 

I missed people, people who shared my culture and language. Other than missing people I quite like living here. I missed going to church and understanding everything and then after church going to people’s houses for lunch and afternoon.

and… I can’t figure out how to turn this picture around :-/

15. What would you miss most from there if you moved back to the USA now? 

Again, people. (I’m a people person) I’d also miss driving motorbike and the warm weather all the time.

16. What kind of pastimes do people there have? 

Socializing seems to be a pastime. I often see groups of men or women talking and laughing. The more the merrier is something they often say. It’s a lot more common to see two or more people together rather than someone alone. And when we go out alone there will most likely be several people who ask you why you are alone.

17. Do you have anything else you’d like to add? 

Living here has been a good experience for me for the most part. There are definitely things that are hard, but also many things I get to see differently than many of my friends. I feel happy and blessed to be where I am right now.

Wasn’t that so much fun having Sarah here, folks? What do you think would be the strangest thing about visiting a place like Indonesia? To me, eating dog meat would be pretty weird… 🙂 

5 thoughts on “Indonesia! Part Two – By Sarah

  1. David Mabe says:

    Again, I enjoyed learning more about your life in Indonesia, Sarah. Thanks for doing the interview. I'd definitely have to say the dog meat would be a show stopper for me. I believe I'd have to starve or go vegetarian. I hope your brother has a good time over there, Aidyl. I tried turning that picture the way I thought it should go based on the where the trunk of the tree splits, but then it looks like the bananas are upside down. :-/ The picture looks like one of those optical illusion pictures. 🙂 Have a great weekend, Aidyl!!


  2. Aidyl Ewoh says:

    Sorry! This comment got deleted, so I'm reposting it here, Sorry, Mikaela!

    What an interesting post. I enjoyed reading about your experience there!
    We have some friends that were in Indonesia. They have some pretty wild stories! And if you think eating dog is weird, he had to eat dog liver!!! RAW!! We love listening to him tell that story. And now foods we dislike don't seem so disagreeable anymore.



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