Arriving – Finding Joy in the Journey

I used to wonder when I would finally feel like I’d ‘arrived’ as an author. When I finished my first book? Got self-published? Tradionally-published? Or maybe it would be when I became a bestselling author, was internationally recognized or could support myself on my royalties. It’s an elusive thought that I sometimes want to peg down and other times I’m happy to forget about. 
Last night I was discussing with a good friend how sometimes I look at people who haven’t made it as far as I have in the journey as an author and I wonder how they can be satisfied. Because I’m not satisfied. 
What I’ve been realizing is that although I need to continue pressing on and moving forward with my writing, I also want to be happy with where I am. I don’t want to continually be thinking Well, when I reach this next milestone I’ll have made it… Because really, knowing me, the only way I’ll ever ‘make it’ is by changing my mindset. 
So, I’ve decided to be thrilled for my fellow writers who are content at the place they are in life and at the same time I’m going to embrace my own accomplishments, knowing that God has brought me a loonnggg way from a little daydreaming girl. 
One of the things that has helped me most with my writing is the Go Teen Writers blog. I’ve been following this blog since soon after I entered the blogging world as a teenager. There were about 500 followers then and that number has been more than doubled. 
This blog is packed full of resources for writers of any age, although it does focus on teenagers. I’ve been inspired, encouraged, realized my errors and learned so much from this amazing blog. They also have a Facebook group where lots of great writer-ily interaction goes on. I’m really not sure how far along my writing would be if it weren’t for Go Teen Writers
That’s why I was so very excited when Stephanie, the founder of Go Teen Writers, asked me to guest post on her blog. I had written her an email thanking her for all her work and telling her where I was on my writing journey, and next thing I knew, we were discussing me guest posting. Talk about freaking out with joy.

My post went live today, and I just have to keep looking at it, and looking at it, and looking at it. My picture, my author bio, my words are actually being featured on Go Teen Writers. Other young, aspiring authors are going to look at what I wrote and be inspired. It’s an amazing feeling.

So, while I may not have reached ‘bestselling author’ status or completed a book tour across the USA, I am on the right track and I’m going to rejoice and be excited about these ‘little’ steps, which really aren’t so little after all.

I’ve discovered being a writer is much like living life. It’s not as much about the point I’ll eventually reach, as it is about living each day how I was meant to live it and working at making my God-given dreams a reality.

A huge, big, ginormous thank-you to Stephanie and all the work she’s done for the hundreds of young writers who have learned from her and her blogging team. You rock. 

One thought on “Arriving – Finding Joy in the Journey

  1. Bekah says:

    Congrats! How exciting that you got to guest post on your favorite writing blog! I read your post and I thought it was excellent.

    Hope you have a fabulous day!

    His Princess,


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