The Sparrow Found A House // Giveaway + Free Digital Books

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The following is a guest post by Jason McIntire, author of The Sparrow Found A House, a Christian novel for young adults and families.

Aidyl Ewoh has kindly agreed to let me guest post on her blog today, offering you readers a chance to win your own copy of my book, The Sparrow Found A House. This is a distinctively Christian novel, targeted toward young adults but suitable for the whole family. It is free from any elements that would make you feel embarrassed or compromised. Rather, most readers report feeling uplifted and spiritually encouraged after finishing it. Here’s what a few of them have said:

“Before I was two chapters into this book, I knew I would be giving it five stars. I LOVED it. I couldn’t put it down – and it wasn’t because it was packed with action or romance. It was a simple story of family transformation. And it held me captive.”

– Alicia Willis, author of the Comrades Of Honor series and other historical fiction.

“I already knew I enjoyed the book… What I didn’t realize was how much my children were going to enjoy the book. We read it in record time! They kept asking to read more! If a book is penned from a Christian world view, is totally captivating for my children, is morally sound, and is well written, I consider it a keeper!”

– RaShell Southerland, homeschool mom.

“I loved the plot of this story. A family transformed by the love of a stepdad and God was heartwarming. Sometimes, living in a Christian home, I need to be reminded of how different my life would be without faith. Without getting into anything objectionable, this book reminded me of the transforming power of the love of God.”

– Sarah Holman, fiction writer and administrator of the Homeschool Authors blog.

“I will admit, this book was the first fictional one that caused me to seriously contemplate the way I live my life for Christ.”

– Renee, blogger at Molding Into A Lady.

Would you like your own copy of The Sparrow Found A House? Enter the giveaway below. Or, if you’re the type to use a digital reader, you can download the book from our website in Kindle or ePub format. For the purpose of maximizing impact, we’ve chosen to make our digital editions available free. If you’d like to purchase a printed copy, you can order it from us, or through Amazon.

From The Back Cover

Fifteen-year-old Jessie Rivera is living every teenager’s nightmare. Her widowed mom has married a man who wears his heavy Christian values like his sergeant’s stripes – on both sleeves.

Glenn Sparrow is persistent, immovable, and not afraid to be firm. Worse than that, he’s loving, kind – even fun – and he has Chris, Moe, and Katie completely won over.

But Jessie is determined that she won’t be won over, or give up her “freedom” without a fight. She knows what she wants, and it isn’t what they’ve got.

Or is it?

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