Hello – I’m Lydia. My boss recently said that I’m “dripping with love” for where I work and what I do, and it’s true. I wake up each morning thrilled to face the day ahead of me and know that I’m right where God wants me, doing little things that God can use in a big way.

Snapshots of some of the monumental moments in my writing career.

My life changed a lot in 2019. I moved from Ohio to Kentucky and now live out my dream of living in a camper and working at the Creation Museum. That means the pictures on this page are a bit outdated, but they compass what my blog was about for the six years of its existence.

Now? Well, it’s 2020, and I’m working at getting back into the rhythm of being a writer after all the ebb and flow of an ever-changing life.

Thank you for joining me for the adventure – I hope you hang out for a bit while sipping a hot beverage or iced tea and find some rejuvenation for your heart.


My adopted family: we’ve co-authored several books, and had many grand adventures. (I don’t write about my non-adopted family for privacy reasons.)

***All thoughts and opinions on this blog (and all my social media sites) do not necessarily reflect the views of Answers in Genesis or any place where I work.***

I used to do challenges and dream posts. Here they are:


Dream List
The date I wrote the dream down is on the left.
I’ll mark it and put the date on the right when I accomplish it. 
 I’ll be adding more as I think of them. 
12-11-14 Travel around the USA in a RV for six months 
12-11-14 Keep track of all the books I read for a year {Completed 2014}
12-11-14 Keep track of all the money I spend for six months {Completed 2016}
12-11-14 Go to Antarctica 
12-11-14 Write a list of 1,000 things I’m thankful for {Completed in November 2015}
12-11-14 Start a cooking blog
12-11-14 Go to Nebraska again
12-11-14 Write Thank You notes to 100 people in a year 
12-11-14 Be a Flower Girl in a wedding {Completed October 2019}
12-11-14 Go on a road trip to Colorado 
12-11-14 Go camping with sibling(s)
12-11-14 Read the “Proverbs of the day” every day for 3 months {Jan. – March 2015}
12-11-14 Read the “Proverbs of the day” every day for 6 months {Jan. – June 2015}
12-11-14 Read the “Proverbs of the day” every day for a year {Completed 2015}
12-11-14 Keep track of all the letters I send for six months
12-11-14 Keep track of all the letters I send for a year 
12-11-14 Visit Alabama 
12-11-14 Visit Arkansas
12-11-14 Visit Connecticut 
12-11-14 Visit Delaware
12-11-14 Visit Kansas
12-11-14 Visit Louisiana
12-11-14 Visit Maine 
12-11-14 Visit Massachusetts
12-11-14 Visit Mississippi
12-11-14 Visit New Hampshire
12-11-14 Visit New Jersey
12-11-14 Visit New Mexico 
12-11-14 Visit North Dakota {Completed June 2016}
12-11-14 Visit Oklahoma
12-11-14 Visit Rhode Island
12-11-14 Visit South Dakota
12-11-14 Visit Utah
12-11-14 Visit Vermont 
12-11-14 Visit Washington 
12-11-14 Visit Wyoming 
Visit Oregon 
Sit on a bench under a maple tree in the fall, wearing a sweater/sweatshirt and drinking a hot drink
Have a girly movie night with my sisters/friends {Completed November 28th, 2014}
Randomly jump into a pond/lake 
Be on the radio 
Eat kettle corn {Completed 12-19-14 at the Creation Museum}
Ride a horse in mountains 
Go to the place(s) where Catharine Farne’s books take place
Meet Catharine Farnes
Write a handwritten card every day for a month {May 2015}
Be a voice for a character in a radio drama 
Eat a donut on my wedding day
Meet someone who has read my books, but doesn’t know who I am
Get my drivers license {Completed in January 2016}
Be a bridesmaid 
Be a maid of honor {Aug. 2014}
Have a huge party when I have sold a million books 
Be in a movie
Have a pet skunk 
Have a pet hedgehog
Have a pet rabbit {Completed multiple times starting 2016}
Ride in a hot air balloon 
Eat cotton candy the day I get engaged 
See the tap-dancing Riverdance
Go caving again {Completed August 30th, 2014}
Spend the night in a cave {Completed August 30th, 2014}

Visit a Grove and eat an orange there that I picked {Completed 1-22-13} 

Write a modern-day book where the main character lives in a tipi (just cause she wants to…)
Do (and complete) NaNoWriMo again {Completed November 2015}
Write over 2,000 words every day for a week {Completed 1-27-13 Through 2-2-13}
Write to three authors who have inspired me and thank them
Meet Andy Andrews
Write a novel that is over 150,000 words {Finished April 10th, 2015}
Have someone I don’t know contact me to tell me that they enjoyed one of my books
Write over 100,000 words in my journal in one year
Randomly make ten strangers smile in one day {Completed many times}
Introduce myself (to someone I don’t know), saying “Hi my middle name is Joy…” {Completed several times}
Talk in an accent around complete strangers {Completed August 30th, 2014 and also November 23rd, 2014}
Spend a week or so (at least) in New England 
Memorize Psalm 119
Memorize a book of the Bible
Memorize three chapters of the Bible (not from that ^ book)
Finish the 50/50 Jaunt I started on my blog 
Go for a week with only eating fresh fruits, veggies and nuts, etc… (Berries, and those sorts of things included) {Completed January 6-12, 2013}
Go for 30 days without eating any sugar (fruit and such is acceptable) {Completed 2-2-13}
Write a book that takes place during WW1 
Write a book that takes place during WW2
Go to Hawaii {Completed April, 2013}
Collect shells in Hawaii {Completed April, 2013}
Go to Europe {Completed April 25th-May22nd, 2014}
Learn to draw or paint fairly well
Illustrate one of my own books
Go to Alaska

Write a series that starts around the time that the Mayflower first landed, and write a book for every generation, ending with me. (Some of my ancestors came over on the Mayflower)
Buy a sweatshirt in Colorado {Completed June 2013}
Hire someone to do research for my writing 
Have an office solely devoted to writing {Completed 2014}
Have a bedroom in an attic
Have glow in the dark painted stars in my bedroom
Have black lights for the glow in the dark paint
Read 20 books in a month {Completed December, 2014. I read 23 books}
Go to Africa {Completed Jan. 2015} 
Go to Asia {March 15th, 2014 through April 15th, 2014}
Go to Australia  
Go back to South America
Visit all 50 States
Read all of John Maxwells books
Go to a concert {October 4th, 2014 post}
Visit a large library for a whole day, just to be there
Get a book trailer made for one of my books 
Go to Ireland
Go to England {Completed May, 2014}
Go to Holland and see The Beje (the house where Corrie ten Boom lived) {Completed May, 2014}
Raise a litter of Novel’s puppies and sell them
Write and publish a children’s chapter books that teach them to grow and set goals, have good habits, be leaders, etc… {Completed on November 10th, 2014}
Go on a rafting trip down the Grand Canyon 
Go to Yellowstone National Park
Take a road trip out west
Go to Montana {Completed in July 2016}
Run (or walk) a half marathon {Completed October 2016}
Run (or walk) a marathon 
Learn sign language fluently 
Learn to read braille 
Go on a hiking/camping trip for at least five days 
Go on an overnight canoeing trip
Spend several hours writing in a coffee shop {Completed April 2015}
Roll down a hill {Compelted May 2019}
Write (on the same thing) every day for six months {Completed March 10th, 2013}
Write (on the same thing) every day for a year {Completed September 10th, 2013}
Get a bookstore to begin selling my books
Write an award-winning book
Sell books in other countries
Speak in front of a group of at least 50 people
Speak in front of a group of at least 100 people
Speak in front of a group of at least 250 people
Speak in front of a group of at least 500 people
Speak in front of a group of at least 1,000 people
Get my series of kids creation books edited and published {First book published June 13th, 2013}
Get Where Dandelions Grow edited and published {Completed September 2018}
Write at least one more book using the characters from Where Dandelions Grow
Re-Write Star Glow and The Coming Dawn, get them both edited and published
Do a book signing {Completed for the first time June 13th, 2013}
Go on a book signing tour
Eat an apple and carmel sucker again {September 30th, 2014}
Have someone tell me that I made their day (being serious, without me trying to get them to) {Completed multiple times}
Dance in the rain, singing {Completed}
Have someone tell me I changed their life for the better {Completed}
Learn to French braid