If it were solely up to me, I’d buy a tipi and live out in the woods for the rest of my live long days with a pet skunk. Well, except for spending a year in Alaska. And a year traveling around the USA in a RV, stopping in every state and doing book signings. Oh, and of course if a royal family from Europe ever invited me to come live in their palace for a few months I couldn’t turn that down. Other than those things though, I’d live in a tipi in the woods.

Thank you for stopping by Noveltea, y’all! I’m seriously thrilled to have you here. You can watch a quick intro video here to find out more about yours truly.

Snapshots of some of the monumental moments in my writing career.

My “dreams do come true” office and library.

My adopted family: we’ve co-authored several books, and had many grand adventures. (I don’t write about my non-adopted family for privacy reasons.)

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