The Season of May

It's May - that whimsical time of year when we were allowed to start going barefoot each year back when I was growing up. Our parents told us that was the rule until we started paying our own medical bills, and then we could go barefoot whenever we wanted. There's probably not many adults who … Continue reading The Season of May

Priority List

I read a few weeks ago that if you call something a season of life or short term, but then it continues for months and eventually years, then it's not just a season, it's now your life. And I think about that a lot. Life can get super busy. There are times when I don't … Continue reading Priority List

Eras of Life

Ten year ago I headed off on a grand adventure with my family, flying to Hawaii. At the time it was the furthest I'd traveled and I remember the exceedingly long plane ride then the welcoming embrace of the humid and warm Hawaiian air when we disembarked. It was a trip I had prepared for … Continue reading Eras of Life

I have Internet

This week marks the two year anniversary of when I moved into my little home and we just got internet for the first time - in reality getting the internet wasn't my idea. I'd rather save the extra money for... what exactly, I'm not sure. I just find it more enjoyable to save money than … Continue reading I have Internet