Auntie Joys

Yesterday morning I took a break from writing work to spend some time with my oldest sister, Betsie, and her family. Betsie is probably the first person to inspire me to write, thanks to the amazing stories she would weave for us siblings during my early childhood years. I remember sitting on the edge of the … Continue reading Auntie Joys

January 2015 in Review

What I focused on in January1. Getting my book, Where Dandelions Grow to my editor for the final edit2. Getting ready and going to Africa and Florida 3. Helping our friends in Africa 4. Getting ready for our business meetings in Florida Birthday Challenge and Dream List UpdateBirthday Challenge: 1. Read 23 Non-fiction books - I read 2 11. Read … Continue reading January 2015 in Review

My Week

Right now I'm sitting in my rather cluttered office, coffee (with flavored creamer! Oh joy!) next to me and the sound of rain coming through my open window. And, I just dripped coffee on my white shirt, so to ensure that won't happen again, I did what every quick thinking Aidyl would do and put … Continue reading My Week