Yesterday // A Special Song

Yesterday was a beautiful, sunshiny day that made me thrilled just to be alive. I love walking along our gravel road with hay fields all around me, the tall hay rippling in the breeze. We have so many wild flowers mixed in with fields and I can hardly keep myself from going a little wild taking pictures of them. Add in a brilliant blue sky and some lemonade and you have a nearly perfect summer day. 
After spending a good portion of the day with family, my sister and I went to visit some of our neighbors who are like adopted grandparents to us. We’re so thankful for how they’ve served our country! 
After that we went and met with our amazing cousin, Aubrey, for some coffee and chatting. Of course y’all have heard me talk about her if you’ve been around Noveltea long. She plays the cello and is incredibly inspiring to me. Her dedication and creativeness is something I often marvel over. And now, I’ve got a special treat for y’all: Aubrey has a song you guys can listen to, and believe me, it’s something you don’t want to miss. She’s been so kind as to let me share the link with you guys, so why not head over here and enjoy a beautiful song that she composed and performed a few months ago. 

What are y’all up to today? I’m out to mow the grass and then cook and all those other great things I get to do around here. Of course I have tons of writing stuff that I need to squeeze into my life somehow and I’ve realized I need to go through all my stuff again before we move and weed out some of those possessions that I don’t really need. So, busy day for me. 🙂 
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By the way, y’alls comments have been making me really happy! Thank you so much for them. I’m sorry it’s taking me so long to reply to them. :-/ And, a big, huge WELCOME to all the new Noveltea followers. I’m thrilled to have you join us! If you’d like to introduce yourself in the comments, I’d be delighted to learn more about you, but of course that isn’t necessary. (And, anyone can introduce themselves, not just new followers!) 

11 thoughts on “Yesterday // A Special Song

  1. David Mabe says:

    Sadly, after 5 days off, I am back at work. :-/ It was sure hard to come back. Your cousin is most talented. I enjoyed that!! She should be hired to do the score when “Cave Secrets…” is turned into a movie. 🙂


  2. David Mabe says:

    You are most welcome, Aubrey. I'm a musician as well. My main instruments are guitar and piano. I love to hear cello. I've, sadly, never learned to play and of the violin family of instruments, though I hope to one day. Do you plan to post anymore music to your Soundcloud?


  3. Aubrey says:

    That's awesome, I've tried to play guitar–but it has 6 strings, so not enough fingers, haha. I plan to post some more this summer, hopefully before July 🙂


  4. David Mabe says:

    You don't need six fingers to play the guitar. LOL There are a couple of chords that you make with only one finger. 🙂 You can do it. Actually, of all the students I've ever had on guitar, girls are the easiest to teach. They tend to pick it up quicker. The only one who didn't was worried about it messing up her nails. I look forward to hearing more of your music.


  5. David Mabe says:

    That's okay. Not everyone is. I like their music. Like I said in response to your question about the 8 people I'd like to meet, they were/are all very brilliant and gifted musicians and songwriters. If only they could have turned that back over to the Lord.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Love seeing more pictures of you! Your cousins song was very pretty – impressive, especially with the piano! That was so neat to hear. 🙂



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