Plotting and Swimming

Totally not the best picture of me… I actually just snapped it to send to my bro, but then decided to post it on here, because looky there! Corn on the cob! Corn on the cob! Having my braces off is a huge treat. =)

I’ve been brainstorming for my When Life Hands You Lymes book for a while now, but the plot wasn’t really getting written down. This book is hard for me, a definite challenge! Anyway, I keep telling myself “Ok, Aidyl, just sit down and work on it!” and it seems as if something always pops up. (It’s amazing how much can pop up when it will keep you from doing something you don’t feel like doing…)

Then last night I’d had enough of my lolly-gaggling (I’m not sure if that means anything, but I’m trying to say I’d had enough of my excuses) and so I told myself to sit down and stop the brainstorming and work on the plot. So I did. And I worked on it for quite a while and got a good amount done. Now I’m happy and looking forward to writing more of the book. Hopefully this will do away with most of the rambling that was taking place during those first few installments.

Yesterday some of my siblings and I were swimming and a fun idea popped into my mind, so I turned to my sister, Mariah, who’s 14 and said “Hey, let’s see who can go for the longest without touching the bottom or sides of the pool and without floating on their backs.” She said “Ok”, so we started. The pool isn’t very big, but it did have a section that is maybe six feet deep, so we both went over there. We later amended the rules to say that if you by mistake brushed the bottom of the pool, you weren’t disqualified.

My whole point of doing this was that I was really tried and yet still wanted to get some exercise in, and I figured if I was treading water, then I would be doing just that. After a few minutes, Mariah looked at me and said, “You know, this is going to be really bad because you and I are both competitive.” And she had a point there. I had already decided that there was no way Mariah was going to win, and weirdly enough, she had decided that too. Which means it was a stale-mate.

I really have no clue how long I thought it would last, but after about twenty minutes Mariah asked “Can you touch now, Aidyl? I’m getting tired.” The question was repeated in 2-5 minute intervals for the rest of the time. Of course I said no. At about 25 minutes, Mariah said, “If I win, you have to put this on your blog. If you win, we’ll all forget about it. Ok?” Of course I said no about that as well.

After a while my arms got tired, so I worked on just resting them while sinking down part way, and then kicking my legs to get me back up. Just remember that we don’t have a lot of opportunities to go swimming, so therefore we’re not really good at this kind of stuff.

Finally at 48 minutes, Mariah asked “If we both make it to an hour, can we call it a tie and both touch at the same time?” I agreed, and so that’s what we did. So yes, Mariah and I had fun treading water and swimming around without touching for 60 minutes. I think that might be the longest I’ve ever gone without touching anything (except occasionally a sister would brush past me). It was fun, tiring, and a cool challenge. Sisters are great!
Do y’all like to go swimming? 

17 thoughts on “Plotting and Swimming

  1. Evan White says:

    Why???? I am anooyed. We were supposed to get 2-4 feet of snow here. School was cancel because of the snow??? Would you ever guess???? We ended up getting HALF an inch of snow. Now i am stuck bored at home with a freezing house due to heating problems related to the kitchen and the warmest place in my house is the Downstairs bathroom where i have evacuated and am sitting right now. North Carolina never gets good snow. The last time that we got like 12 inches of snow was like in 2002. I remember there being snow in. North Carolina and later figuring out I was playing in 12 inches of snow with my stuffed bear and i was five years old when 9/11 happened. So in general the biggest snow I can remember happened rhe week and day that the World Trade Center blew up. : (


  2. Evan White says:

    You should be glad. You are getting good snow and are enjoying a trip to the beach. Why am I so mad about the amount of snow??? It can't be just cuz of need for pictues i was. Able to get one good picture of snow today the rest of the pictures showed grimy mush of snow. Well there is another reason. This is the 2nd week in. The row we got bad snow. And missed classes due to icey roads. That leaves me having nothing to do and i was going to ask a girl i know who is better at kids than I am to help me with the kids i signed up to babysit at church while the adult church members will be having a banquet upstairs. None else would so i signed up for taking care of the kiddos. Girls are better with kids than boys are and i think this girl's help would be much appreciated. I am realy good with babies and toddlers, but anyone over the age of five i can't handle well the worst pat though is that most of the kids at the event will be ages 6 – 8 i swear that changing a toddler's diaper is easier than taking care of my sister and her friends who are Born to Be Wild . Who sings. Born to Be wild?


  3. Evan White says:

    Not to mention the fact that this girl might not ever even get my messages about the need for babysitting help due to dad blocking all outgoing texts to her or anyone on my iPad mini and the fact she never emails which sucks cause i use Gmail a lot more than i use facebook/twitter. I realy wanted this girl's help cause shes the only girl i know fairly well who might be good at kids. I went a little overbord in my emails about this subject one of the email sentences was ” _ please help me i need your help i will pay ya.


  4. Evan White says:

    Another part of the email was ” ___ please help me ___ i realy would love tour help if you help me i will even take you out after everyone else leaves. ___ i know my sister is crazy but hiw could she whine or get angry at a pretty face like yours, and why would any of these kids i have to babysit resist your brown hair or hurt you any way”


  5. Evan White says:

    I know extracting parts of emails is ratner boring . ( every time a __ is in a email the __ is where the person i was emailing's name would be i a, not idiot to post someone i love's name on the internet. )


  6. Evan White says:

    Well overall, with these extracted parts of my emails from me to this girl are parts of never read emails and overall the point is that i would have rather been at school and explained my situation to the girl and have hopfully gotten help with my stupid idea of taking care of these kids.


  7. David Mabe says:

    Wow, you're arms and legs must be sore today. It seemed to me that Madalyn's rambling was pretty well gone in the last chapter of “Lymes.” It seems like it was all set up and character development. To me, the rambling in the first couple of “chapters” helped establish Madalyn's personality. I hope you're still having a great time in Florida.


  8. David H says:

    Do I like to go swimming? yes, but not when it's 22 below zero =)
    Have fun eating corn on the cob, and all other yummy banes to braces clad teeth! (well, maybe not “all”, but enjoy!) miss ya.
    Ps. My homemade chili isn't nearly as good as yours. but it's good;)


  9. Laura Ashley says:

    Corn on the cob? YAY! I may have to get braces…:( I can't imagine not having delicious, buttery corn.)
    I love swimming too. But I get super tired after like, five laps. I need to build up my endurance. 🙂 and…I'm just rambling now. sorry. I do that sometimes. 😀 You're so lucky to have a sister! All I have are brothers and guy cousins. But they can be fun sometimes too, I guess.
    Laura Ashley


  10. Anonymous says:

    Haha! That will be a great memory you two shall carry together. Nice job keeping it up for an hour! I am competitive too – I don't care how tired or how much pain I'm in – I don't like losing. 😉 Fun post – keep having fun as long as you're there – and yay for corn on the cob!



  11. David Mabe says:

    Well, it isn't very cool. But I've assumed what you're doing here is using these blog posts as sort of a “rough draft” for the story. It kind of felt like I was reading your free writing journal as you were coming up with the ideas for Madalyn.


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