Auntie Joys

Yesterday morning I took a break from writing work to spend some time with my oldest sister, Betsie, and her family. 
Betsie is probably the first person to inspire me to write, thanks to the amazing stories she would weave for us siblings during my early childhood years. I remember sitting on the edge of the seat as I folded laundry or matched baskets of socks and listened to her enthralling tales. I would always beg for more and time seemed to fly by, no matter what work we were doing, when Betsie read or told us stories.
Now my sister has her own little bundle of children whom I’ve spent many hours reading and telling stories to as we work together. Her children have fantastic vocabularies and sometimes tell sparklingly unrealistic tales that glimmer and glow with the shine of active imaginations. They love having an auntie who writes books and one of my nieces often enjoys showing me short stories that she’s written.
This year I was quite excited when Betsie had her seventh child, because I’m the seventh child as well. Every so often when I’m cuddling baby Roy I inform him that we have a special bond and he was practically named after me since my middle name is Joy (although that is simply wishful thinking on my part). I’m not sure he understands yet the significance of sharing the same birth order with me (not too many people realize how special it is), but one day he will. Maybe. 

Last night I worked from about 8:00 until almost 12:30 so I could accomplish all my writing tasks that I had on my plate for yesterday after spending the day with my sister and her family. The day before had pretty much followed the same schedule and I wouldn’t be surprised if today was another repeat.

I’m thrilled that on some days I’m able to mix and match and rearrange so I can spend extra time with out-of-state family. I’m also so very thankful to have such a happy handful of extremely imaginative nieces and nephews. They really do make life more interesting and exciting.

* * *
What about you, do you have any nieces or nephews? And if so, do they enjoy using huge words that they spin into bright and happy stories? 

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