Happy Thanksgiving, Y’all!!!

Y’all know me. Thankfulness is really an important part of my life. I find a list of things to be thankful for each morning when I wake up, and often continue the trend the rest of the day. Therefore, it’s so much fun to have just about everyone else in my country finding things to be thankful for along with me. 😉 
Last year I did an A to Z list of things I was thankful for and this year I’ve been trying to think up an unique Thanksgiving post for several days now. Inspiration hasn’t struck yet, so maybe y’all are just going to get a list of things I’m thankful for in a normal, average way. 

And… The inspiration struck. 🙂 Things I’m thankful for:

N– Never being alone. I know that no matter what I’m going through, be it good or bad, I have my heavenly Father caring about me, loving me, taking care of me and understanding me. That means a lot to this little ‘ol girl!

O– Occupation, my occupation. I’m so very thankful that I’m a writer. I’m incredibly thankful and blown away that I got my book published this year. I relish getting to keep up with y’all through my blog and seriously have an amazing time sharing my writing with you peoples. 😉 I’m thrilled to be able to bring God glory through my writing.

V– Victory over Lyme disease. I truly feel like I fought a battle, or considering the fact that it was six years long, maybe an all out war, and it’s extremely wonderful to be over Lyme disease now. I’m still regaining my strength and energy, but I am better. And so very, very thankful!

E– Era, one is ending and a new one is beginning in my life. Changes can be scary, but do you know what? They’re a part of life and the last chapter of my life was so epic that as hard as it can be to open a new one, I’m thankful and excited to be moving ahead. I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen! (By the way, I almost said eating, but figured it was rather shallow and I could be a little deeper than that…)

L– Love. I’m so utterly blessed to be surrounded by a family (two actually, including my adopted parents) who love me an extremely vast amount, not to mention my amazing friends. And of course my wonderful heavenly Father. I’ve grown up under a deluge of love, and I’m so, so thankful for that!

T– Time. I didn’t even have to think for this letter. Time is a gift and it’s given to us to be redeemed {Redeeming the time, because the days are evil. -Eph. 5:16}. I am decidedly thankful for the time I’ve been given and have a powerful tug in my life to do as much as possible with the time I’ve been given.

E– Eating. Yes, I decided to use the word after all, because when I stopped to think about it, I realized it wasn’t really shallow after all. I’m so thankful for the food God has blessed me with. I’m exceedingly thankful for my parents spending extra money on our groceries so our family could switch to a more healthy way of eating and therefore help us get in tip-top shape.

A– Attutide. Again, attitude like time came to me as soon as I saw the letter a. I’m so very thankful to have the ability to rejoice. To have the ability to choose to see the best. That I have the ability to get rid of negative thoughts and focus on positive, thankful ones. I’m also very blessed to have parents who constantly teach those ^ principles through their own lives.

What are y’all thankful for?

Oh goodness, just a couple more things, then I’ll stop. 😉
I’m thankful for getting some sample copies of my audio CD’s last night!
I’m thankful for all the blogs I have signed up for my December Book Blog Tour, it’s going to be amazing, y’all!
And of course I’m thankful for everyone who reads my blog. Seriously, I am so thankful to be able to share bits of my life/thoughts/writing with you! I had no clue when I started blogging how much it would grow to mean to me. Thank you. And have a great Thanksgiving! 

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