Day After Thanksgiving // Blog Tour Thoughts

For some reason it it me late last night (or was that early this morning?) how rapidly the second of December is approaching. December 2nd is when the kick-off to the blog tour is supposed to take place. Am I ready for it? Well, that depends on whether you’re asking about physically (is all the info in place) or emotionally (am I geared up and excited about it)? 
Emotionally? I’m super hyped and can’t wait to share everything with you. Physically? There’s just so much to share with you that… No, I have not narrowed everything down. It will come though, it will come… 
When will it come? Well, seeing how we have company here until Sunday or maybe Monday, I’m not really sure. 😉 But who needs sleep any way? (Note: I need sleep and lots of it, so I guess that question really doesn’t help me out at all.) 

So, how did all y’alls Thanksgivings go? Mine is still in full swing. I got up this morning and wrote a list in my prayer journal of 102 things I’m thankful for. Then, after seeing the vast amount of things I have to give thanks to God for, I sat here and wrote several emails to people who have helped me in huge ways this year. (If I had more time, I could have spent all day writing letters/emails.) After I’m done with this post, I’m going to go downstairs and hang out with my amazing family who spent the night here, as well as other family members who were busy yesterday but will spend today sitting around playing games and eating leftovers.

Really, I don’t mean to brag (too much), but God has blessed me with an absolutely great family who shows each other unconditional love and sticks together, even when times are hard. We get together as often as possible, which is getting to be less and less often as everyone grows up and kids get married, jobs, move or go to college. It still rocks when we are together though.

What are some of your plans for today?
Are you getting all excited about the blog tour? Because really, that should be one of the highlights of next month. 😉

4 thoughts on “Day After Thanksgiving // Blog Tour Thoughts

  1. Evan White says:

    My thanksgiving was good despite the fact that that was the day my bike chain broke in the middle of a busy road and i have to drag the broken bike home for repairs when it was less thN 40* outside! You keep tourturing me with pictures of the mountians and snow. I am stuck in a buncha sleet rain and ice


  2. Evan White says:

    And my plan for today is to ride my other bike around town some time today. Yesterday for thanksgiving we had a big feast with friends with multiple kinds of pies , thanksgiving punch, ham with carmel apple glaze , deviled eggs ( my favorite ) , sweey potato casserole and more.


  3. Aidyl Ewoh says:

    Wow. Too bad you had bike troubles. At least your day was still good. Maybe you'll get to have snow some time this year and then you can post pictures of *your* snow on your own blog. 🙂


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