When Bookish Dreams Come True

When I was a kid I had to write a book report each week. In fact, if I didn’t have the book report written and submitted by Friday at midnight then I didn’t get my allowance for that week.

I could pick whatever book I wanted and I one week I decided to read a baby name book and review it – ya know, just to prove I could. Well, apparently I couldn’t actually because it takes a lot longer to read a couple hundredish pages of names and various spellings of names then it does to read an enthralling story. So I had to scramble at the last moment to get a book in by the end of the week.

At that time I would have never guessed that one day authors, publishers, and review sites would be sending me their books for free in exchange for reviews. It’s rather amazing and kinda mind-boggling at times.

Currently, I have six books I either have, have been approved for, or am going to read as an ebook. I feel so honored that people in the publishing industry are entrusting me with their books, and that I then get to gush to y’all about them.

Seriously, it’s so fun to get to tell you about these books before they go live because then y’all get a bit of an inside scoop on what you get to look forward to. As a kid I hardly even knew how publishing worked, and if you would have told me that one day I’d get to work with publishers? Well, there’s a fair chance I would have fainted from excitement.

Out of the six books above, I’ve only read Within These Lines, and y’all have heard me talking about how wonderful it is. I wanted to include it in this list because the author just sent out the early reader copies last week. (I received an ARC copy a few months ago which thrilled me to bits.)

I’ll be talking more about these books as/after I read them, so yay! You can check out the books on Amazon below. Have a great day, y’all!

Castle on the Rise
Within These Lines 
Far Side of the Sea
The Case of Windy Lake 
The Number of Love 

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