End of the Week Musings

The stillness of the coffee shop hums around me. Sunlight filters through the windows, the sky outside a deep blue. It’s Saturday afternoon and my work week is nearly over. My boss asked if I wanted to stay a bit later today to unlock the door for someone, and since I had my computer (not to mention a couch to take a nap on), I agreed.

Settling down with an iced latte, I pull out my phone and check off a few of my goals for the week. I add my expenses and income to the correct app, and updated Habit Share, where I can keep track of my daily routine.


It’s been a good week.

Each day has been full, productive, and focused. I followed a routine, accomplished my goals, and spent quality time with people who mean a lot to me. Memories were made, sleep well-earned, and mornings were peaceful.


Creativity has been high. My word count has grown on my current novel every time I sit down at the computer, and I’m getting to know the characters well – developing them, deepening them, then watching as their flaws and strength emerge.

The setting and mystery are still a bit shrouded to me, but details appear seemingly by magic when my fingers start tapping the computer keys.

This week I’ve focused on quality writing, not quantity, and the reward has been great.


The sunlight shifts and fades and the coffee shop cools. I clean up coffee I spilled, set about finishing my tasks, and breath in deeply.

It’s been a good week and I’m thankful, oh, so thankful for the life I’ve been given to live, grow, and work with.

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