A Lack of Patience

As it turns out patience isn’t my forté.

Dedication, tenacity, and stubbornness are all attributes I can claim – which is sometimes a good thing and sometimes leaves me not knowing when or how to give up when I really should. (Because sometimes saying no or never mind or just let it rest is actually the best course of action.)

When I make a decision I’m an all-in type of person. If I decide I need to make a lifestyle change I don’t want to wait to the beginning of a week or a new year – I just jump in feet first.

If I realize I need to clarify something with someone I can barely think of anything else until that talk has been sufficiently dealt with.

When I set a goal I begin chipping away at it as soon as possible.


And all these things can be good. They can be tools that help me grow as a person and make the lives around me better.

Yet, at the same time, they can also be detrimental. I don’t always have control of making sure that I can clarify a situation. Sometimes my lack of patience with myself makes it so that I push my body to an unhealthy point. And sometimes those around me need time to process before they’re willing to talk about something that’s bothering both of us.

Recently I’ve been learning patience. I’ve been learning what it means to let go and not have my timeline be followed or observed or even known. I’ve also been learning patience with myself. Sometimes it’s better to say So what about the expectations I had for myself? Rest is what I really need right now and although it isn’t fun, I’m discovering that it can be freeing.

Patience isn’t my forté, but as it turns out, patience, like other skills and attributes is something that can be acquired.

Setting: Walking on the treadmill (I walked about a mile while writing this)
Listening to: The Greatest Showman soundtrack  
Question of the Day: Are you patient? 

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