The Symphony of Life

My Monday mornings generally involve a bunch of running around after calculating and recalculating how long it takes me to do each task as I’m in the midst of it. Sometimes this works out well, other times I end up being behind and having to compromise.

It’s mornings like this – when I throw my pajamas and extra-shirt-I-pulled-off-the-hanger onto the closet floor, comb my hair in-between typing my blog post, and notice that the floor of my office needs sweeping but decide to forget it until later – that I’m filled with happiness and thankfulness for my life.


Y’all. Memories. There are going to be so many of them from this season of my life, most of them great, some of them facepalm worth, and a few sad ones. It’s little moments like this that make up life. That make up the framework for who I am. How I respond to everyday joys, problems, and sorrows, help form me into the human who I’ll die being.

People don’t become who they are overnight. It’s a thousand moments, a million decisions, a lifetime of yes-and-nos that go into the building of who we are becoming. A friend reminded me a couple of months ago that during this season of life I’m digging roots – reaching down deep and developing the foundation that will carry me through the rest of life.

That was encouraging because it reminded me that every little thing I do is important. The books I read, thoughts I think, foods I eat, work I do, activities I fill my life with… Nothing stands alone, it all blends together.

I have the opportunity to make my life a beautiful, God-honoring symphony. And that is glorious.

So off I go on this rushed morning – off to jot down a few more notes and twirl a few more steps. And hopefully, learn how to be more timely in the future.

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