Eras of Life

Ten year ago I headed off on a grand adventure with my family, flying to Hawaii. At the time it was the furthest I'd traveled and I remember the exceedingly long plane ride then the welcoming embrace of the humid and warm Hawaiian air when we disembarked. It was a trip I had prepared for … Continue reading Eras of Life

My Burrow

Growing up there were a number of things that I thought made my home delightful - a wood burner for heat, a porch where our family spent a lot of time, a window by the kitchen sink, and beautiful blue walls. There were also those things that I thought would make a house optiomal - … Continue reading My Burrow

And Yet

Yesterday the seven-year-old killed a snake that was longer than her (while holding a stuffed animal). Several days ago while milking with the nine-year-old the goat kicked over her bucket of milk, drenching the child and milk stand. Last week a late frost killed most of the tomato plants, despite our best efforts to cover … Continue reading And Yet

With Open Hands

"Stay as long as you want - we're so thankful for your help," my sister and brother-in-law in Virginia assure me. "When are you coming back home? We miss you," my sisters back in Ohio tell me. "If you come into Kentucky you must quarantine for fourteen days," Governor Beshear's website declares. I feel lost … Continue reading With Open Hands

Watercolor and Fabric {reaching outside my comfort zone}

Day Twenty-Nine dawns with lukewarm, day-old, decaf coffee, scrounging through the refrigerator for enough protein to count as breakfast, and the hum of the lawnmower under a gray sky. During the last week, I was able to step outside of my comfort zone and do some things I've thought about doing for a while but … Continue reading Watercolor and Fabric {reaching outside my comfort zone}