Blog Anniversary Celebration Giveaway and New Design

Although March 6th might not be a holiday of national importance, it is a day to celebrate in my book. Or should I say blog? Ladies and Gentlemen, tomorrow is the third blog anniversary of Noveltea! I’m excited to be able to celebrate with y’all with a new blog design, a giveaway and lots of fun stats!

Let’s start with the new and improved blog design: A couple of weeks ago I asked y’all to fill out a survey and help me make Noveltea a better place. One of the questions was What would make Noveltea better? and several of y’all thought that a new blog design would do the trick. And, I aim to please so I set to work at redesigning my little nook in the internet world. (More about why I chose this particular design in another post.)

Now for the giveaway. *cue fanfare music* (What birthday celebration is complete without a gift?) There will be three prizes, one for each year Noveltea’s been around. When I was in Africa in January I bought these genuine leather wallets and I’m really excited about getting to share them with you! The wallets are two of the prizes and the third prize is a $5 gift-card to Amazon.

Please Note: Wallets will only be sent to addresses in the USA. Sorry!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
// last but not least of all, let’s look at some stats! Ahem, ok, so I have a rather strong attraction to statistics and pie charts (I just learned how to make my very own pie chart this week!) and lists and graphs and… Yeah. Any excuse to use them on my blog makes me one happy little blogger. All that to say… If you’re not into stats you can just enter the giveaway and be on your merry way.

Also, I’m not putting the stats on my blog because I think they’re fantastic or anything like that (I know better than that!), I just find it very enjoyable when other bloggers share stats so I thought y’all might like it, too.

First I decided to figure out how many posts I’ve written each year:

Then I figured out how many pageviews Noveltea has gotten each year:

Then I decided to compare the posts, comments and pageviews Noveltea has had: 
And for my last pie chart I divided the pageviews up per month from the last 12 months: 

And a few un-pie-charted stats:

Published Comments of all time: 4,061 (some of these are my replies)
Published Posts of all time: 752 
Published Posts since last blog anniversary: 301
Average Pageviews each Month since last blog anniversary: 7,054
Average Pageviews per post since last blog anniversary: 281
Average Pageviews each Day since last blog anniversary: 233
Amazing Followers: 287

Thank you so very much to all of you who have read my blog, commented, followed and been a part of my life for the last three years. It’s been a fantastic journey and far more involving and crazy than I had imagined it would be! It’s been exciting, challenging, fun and a really interesting to get to share my adventures and what God’s been doing in my life with y’all. I look forward to the next three years and hope y’all stick around for the ride!

See how we celebrated in years past: 

16 thoughts on “Blog Anniversary Celebration Giveaway and New Design

  1. Cait @ Paper Fury says:

    CONGRATS ON YOUR 3RD BLOGGY BIRTHDAY!! *showers you with delicious cake and also confetti* Woooot! And your blog is growing quite ginormously, that's amazing. 😉 Gosh, you've been nearly everywhere. (haha, okay maybe slight exaggeration on my part. 😉 Love that header! I HOPE THERE ARE MANY MORE YEARS OF NOVEL TEA GOODNESS!!


  2. Chris Purdom says:

    so did you figure out why some months had more page views than other? Might need another pie chart 😉
    been fun reading your blog, glad Buddy suggested it. Glad to have gotten to meet you a few times. Think the first time was my first trip up to Buddy and Kay's when i was swapping dinosaurs. I didn't know you but you knew of me from my FB comments. Kinda scary. lol.
    Hope you have a most amazing weekend 😀


  3. Aidyl Ewoh says:

    Haha, thanks, Cait! Some day I want to go to China like you have. I think that is so cool! And, of course I want to go to Australia some day. I can't leave that continent out. 🙂 And thank you for your kindness about my blog. Your blog is one of those places where I'm floored every time I see how many comments, followers, posts and all that kind of stuff that you have. Keep up the amazing blogging!


  4. Aidyl Ewoh says:

    I'm not sure why there's so much difference with the pageviews for some months, but I know other months that have a lot of pageviews can be because I hosted giveaways, had special things going on or that kind of thing.
    Oh yes! I remember how much fun it was to read all your comments on my adopted dad's Facebook posts. They always made me laugh. When I finally met you I was like “Oh, so you're THAT guy!” 🙂 I'm glad you started reading my blog. Your comments still make me smile. 🙂


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