When Life Hands You Lymes #61

It’s Friday again! Time to celebrate the week with the 61st segment of my fictional story, When Life Hands You Lymes. And, today is also the third anniversary of when I started Noveltea! Check out the party we have going on, complete with a giveaway

The first few hours of the night fly by as Julia and I have fun hanging out together. Gone are the random emotional bursts from me and we’re able to talk and laugh like old times. I even take her out to my balcony and we watch the stars together, something that I’d all but sworn I’d never do again after Katie’s hurtful comment. 
“This is peaceful.” Julia leans back and nudges the ground with her foot to make the hammock rock us back in forth. “Do you ever study the stars? I mean, finding constellations would be pretty cool and you’re far enough away from the city lights to have a beautiful view.” 
I nod. 
“That’s cool. Damien and I have tried it some, but he doesn’t have the best vision and so that kind of brought our learning to an end.” Julia points to a row of stars. “What are those?” 
“That’s Orin’s belt.” I rest my hands behind my head and study the three stars. “I used to come out here every night and look for them.” 
“Why don’t you still do that?” Julia glances at me. 
I let out a big yawn before answering. “I guess I still look at the stars most nights, but it’s not such a big deal now if I don’t see Orin’s belt. See, it changes month by month how early it comes up and so sometimes in the winter I don’t feel like coming out of my warm bedroom to see it.” 
“Do you ever wish on stars? Like when you see a shooting star?” Julia stood up and walked over to the railing of my balcony. 
“No.” I laugh. “I guess I’m too old to even find something like that fun. I do often pray while looking at the stars though. Not because I think the stars have power, but because the stars remind me of how powerful God is.” 
“If you could wish for anything and have it come true, what would it be?” 
The words are out of my mouth before Julia’s even finished her question or I’ve fully thought over my answer, “I would wish I was healthy again. Or that I’d never lost my health in the first place.” 
Julia nods. “I would wish for the finances to travel all around the world.” 
The next night as I lie in bed, wide awake, I recall our conversation about wishes. Julia has perfect health. My family is rich. So, in essence we both wished for what the other person has. 
All at once the verse, All things work together for good to them that love God flashed through my brain. It was so startling that I sat straight up and caught my breath. 
“Haha. No.” I spoke the words aloud, shaking my head. “There is no way that this sickness could be part of God’s plan for my life.” I held my hands out in front of me, as if holding the thought at bay. It didn’t work. 
Getting up I started pacing back in forth from my bed to my balcony door and back again. “Ok, so if that is true, then what in the world is this, this, this stupid sickness that we can’t even identify doing that will benefit me?” 
At last I flicked my lights on, grabbed my Bible and notebook off of my night stand and threw myself across my bed. “Ok, God. I want to learn about what You have to say in regards to me being sick. I’m not enjoying it. I don’t even feel like I’m learning anything from it. I’m-” I stopped mid-thought. “Wait a second. I’m not learning anything from this. If I were learning something, does that mean that I’d be able to get over my illness and move on with life? Because that would be really glorious. Ok, what do You want me to learn?” 
I open my Bible and turn to the back and look up the word sick. After plodding my way through several verses, I decide there must be an easier way to figure it out and pull out my phone to look up the verses online. Then, deciding that I’m actually enjoying the feel of the pages beneath my hands and it’s helping the time pass, I go back to my physical Bible. 
I don’t get far into the subject on my first night, but by the time my eyes are watering and I’m ready to go to sleep I have a peaceful feeling settled over my soul. Maybe this is something I should be doing more often. The birds are just beginning their morning round of singing when I turn my light back off and fall asleep. 
“You look like you slept well,” Mom greets me when I join the family for lunch at 12:30. “I can see a little bit of color in your cheeks.” 
I yawn and pull my hair back into a messy bun. I’d just had time to throw on some clothes before going down to the dining room. “I did, thank you. I was able to fall asleep around four this morning.” I let out another yawn as I plop down in my seat and set my bag of vitamins next to me. 
After Dad prays and thanks God for the food everyone besides me dives into the salad, chicken pot pies and garlic bread. I dole out my portion of vitamins and gag them down before giving myself a generous portion of pot pie and a little bit of salad. 
“Have you been able to finish filing the reports in regards to how the new manager is doing in the Northwest division?” Dad directs his question to Katie. 
Katie takes a swallow of water before answering. “Yes. I emailed those in this morning. I also sent the receipts from Nate to the accountant and scheduled a conference call with everyone who’s over the regional offices.”
“I thought Nate was going to drive over to the accountants today to help figure out those mis-alining numbers that he’d found,” Darrick broke in.
“Oh, he discovered he had downloaded the wrong email.” Katie pointed her fork in our brother’s direction. “I have learned how to have a lot of grace during this last week.” 
My good mood is dissipating like fog when the sun comes out. I am so far behind with what’s going on with our family business that it feels useless to even try and catch up. 

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