A Silly Fascination

I have a silly fascination with hot air balloons. 
The “I don’t really want to study them and I’m fine never being in one, but it’s so much fun to talk about them as if I’m an experienced hot air balloon pilot and live in one” kind of fascination. 
Take for instance when I’m talking to my adopted dad on the phone. Pretty much if he asks what I’m doing or where I am, you can count on my answer being somewhere along the lines of “Oh, just floating around in my hot air balloon with Frank.” 
Frank, of course, is the 94 year-old guy who’s teaching me how to fly a hot air balloon. Ahem and Frank is just as real as me living in a hot air balloon is.

In October I went and stayed with my sister for a week. The last day I was there, there was a hot air balloon festival thingy going on. We decided to get all the children up and go watch the fun. 
It’s a loonnnngggg story, but we ended up in the field that all the balloons were flying over for a competition where they had to throw something onto a big target. 

That meant all the balloons were flying right over us. It was totally amazing. This picture (below) doesn’t show very well how close we were to the balloons, but let’s just say they could call down and talk to us and we could see their features quite clearly.

Being so close to the hot air balloons was way cooler than I had imagined it would be and greatly increased my delight in the colorful objects.

Some day I might just feature one of these contraptions in one of my books…

Have you ever taken a ride in a hot air balloon? Would you like to?

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