9 – Action Kids Book Release

9 Days! 

Ok, let’s just say, despite how very excited I am about my book coming out, I do not feel ready for to be in the single digits yet! There’s still so much to do getting ready for my blog tour and all that good stuff. 

On another note: Happy November! And to all of you who are taking part in NaNoWriMo, congratulations! I’m not linking it people, because when I do I get tons of spam comments left on here. So, if any of y’all are wondering, I’m not doing NaNoWriMo this year. I don’t think it’s very wise for me to try and juggle a book release, the rest of my life, and writing 50,000 words in a month. Although believe me, it sounds like fun. 

For all you first time NaNo-ers, it’s possible to win. Really, it is. Just buckle down and do it. No editing. No reserach. Leave those things until later. This is just time to get your story out in raw form. It’s a good exercise. 

The first, and only, time I did NaNo was in 2012 and I finished it on November 27th. It was a thrilling experience. Then, last year I had a story I needed to write to get out of my system, and so even though it wasn’t November, I sat down and wrote over 50,000 words in three days. So yes, take courage and hit it running. 🙂 

9 Days…

Since today marks 9 days until the release of the first book in the Action Kids series, here are 9 of my favorite countries I have visited (in the order I visited them in): 

1. Canada
2. Peru 
3. Indonesia 

4. Austria
5. Germany
6. Switzerland
7. The Netherlands
8. France 
9. England 

*  *  *
Now it’s YOUR turn! If you feel so inclined, you can either write a post (and link it back to this one) where you talk about 9 countries (or states!) you’ve visited and leave a link in the comments section. Or, just leave your list in the comment section. 
Everyone who participates during the next two weeks will be entered into a drawing for their chance to receive one of the very first signed copies of the Action Kids book!

3 thoughts on “9 – Action Kids Book Release

  1. Sarah Howe says:

    9 countries and states I've been in.

    1. Indonesia (lived there)

    2. Singapore (multiple visits)

    3. Malaysia (flower gardens were Awesome!)
    4. Ghana (was a “Mercy Maid” for a few weeks)
    5. Tennessee (lived there)

    6. Colorado (passed through visiting friends)
    7. Ohio (live there)

    8. Oregon (am here currently)

    9. California (Redwood State Park)


  2. Tarissa says:

    This one is a stretch for me. I've never visited any other countries. *cries* And I can only hope that I've even been to 9 states. (I know, this sounds veeeerrry pitiful.) Here it goes!

    1. Oklahoma
    2. Texas
    3. Arkansas
    4. Missouri
    5. New Mexico
    6. Arizona
    7. Kansas

    There's my list.

    I tried. Okay?


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