October 2014 Review


Well, wonders of all wonders people, I didn’t set any goals for October. Shocking, I know. I knew I had a lot I needed to do, but I wasn’t sure what all I would be focusing on as the month progressed (work can be like that, you know), so I decided to just see how the month went. I’m looking forward to some goals for November, though. 🙂

So, what did I focus on in October? 

1. My book release coming up
2. Busy times at my non-writing job
3. Helping my sister 

Birthday List:

1. Read 23 Non-fiction books – Read 1 

5. Track all the money I spend for 23 days – Done 

10. Listen to the book of Eph. 23 times – Done 

13. Go to bed before 10:30 23 times (not in a row) – Six times 

16. Crack the whip 23 times in a row – Done

18. Send/give gifts to 13 random people – 5 People and without even remembering I had it on here. 🙂 

Dream List:

Go to a concert {October 4th, 2014 post}

Reading Update

Books read in October: 14 
That ^ my friends is a record for this year. 
I wasn’t feeling the best at the beginning of the month (pinkeye, getting over a nasty cold, etc…) and I read seven books in the first eight days of October. 

Fiction: 13
Non-Fiction: 14 

Ok, sooo, I got an idea from this blogger… She does this really great thing for all those curious people out in the world like me where she does a review and shares her stats from different social medias. I like it when people do that. So, I thought I’d share with y’all. 

Please please, let me know: Is this a yea or nay? Do you like the idea or is it just annoying info that doesn’t need to be shared? If y’all want me to keep going with it, I would include it in (some of) my month reviews, just for you curious people. Plus, I don’t know about y’all, but I have SO much fun track stats!. Also, it would probably help keep me humble since I have a grand total of one lovely friend on Goodreads, who just happens to be the afore mentioned blogger who also just happens to have almost 730 friends on Goodreads… 

That ^ Update:

Followers: 270

Posts written during October: 26
Pageviews during October: 9,656
Average of pageviews a day during October: 311

Followers: 94
Tweets for all time: 562

Likes: 127 
How did I do updating it? Better than last month…

Followers: 131
How did I do updating it? Better than last month…

Friends: 1
Books on my shelf: 29
Started Goodreads this month

Followers: 13
Boards: 16
Pins: 348

If any of y’all want to chime in and let me know what you’d like to see more of/less of on any of these platforms, I would be SO delighted! I aim to please, so when you give me your preferences, that helps me out a lot! 

Other Things: 

I was gone 6 days this month when I went and stayed with my sister and her happy little family. Little as in young. With six nieces and nephews running around, it didn’t seem like such a little family after all. 

One really exciting thing I got to do this month was help my younger sister, Johanna, start a blog! Y’all really need to check it out. She launched it today and I’m extremely proud of her. I don’t talk about my family much on here, but you know how I’ve been writing the When Life Hands You Lymes story and sometimes talk about how I had Lyme disease for 6 years? Well, her battle with Lyme disease isn’t over yet, and yet somehow she is a bright bit of sunshine to everyone who knows her, keeping us all in laughter, stories and filling us with hope. 

So please, do yourself a favor and go check out her blog. Make sure you also read her “about me” page and of course you can follow her blog if you feel so inclined. I’m sure she would be delighted. 

That’s all for now, folks! I’d be thrilled to hear about your month…

3 thoughts on “October 2014 Review

  1. Tarissa says:

    I'm adding you on Goodreads! It's one of my favorite sites. 🙂 I love making a challenge each year, and it automatically helps me keep on track with my reading.

    Also, I'll be checking out your cousin's new blog!


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