When Life Hands You Lymes #3

Alrighty! Now I finally have today’s segment of When Life Hands You Lymes up. I actually only wrote a little bit of this today, but I had to get it all together and I was at work, which is why it took me so long to get it up. And just so y’all know, I’m still getting to know the MC, Madalyn. That means that there is some rambling as I try and figure her out. I’m taking January to get a better feel of who she is, then who knows, I might actually jump in and start the story in a new place, but at least there’s this backstory, which is really important for me to know. 
If y’all want to share any ideas of how you see, or how you’d like to see, Madalyn, I’m thrilled for any help with character development! I mean, you can say something as random as what you imagine her favorite color to be, to what you think she’d do in her free time, to what her life mission is. Any ideas are enjoyed. 😉 
Thanks for doing this with me, friends! It’s a lot of fun writing a story ‘with’ y’all! 

“Is it going to work out for you to go early, Katie?” Mom asks, pulling out her phone and scrolling through several things. “If you can stop at the store on the way there, I have a list of stuff I can email to you. If you can’t stop I’m going to ask Derrick to. I really need his help with unloading the trucks though.” 
“I can do it.” Katie nods. She’s often the one who gets sent on errands, cause she can multitask like crazy. I’ve even seen her talk on the phone while typing an email with one hand and taking notes with the other. Yep, she’s that nuts. 
Before I actually got interested in music, Mom made me take piano lessons for a few years and I wasn’t really into it. If I was supposed to be playing slow song, I’d listen to a fast song on the CD player as I played the slow song. That made it more difficult, and therefore funnier to me. It also probably nuked any chance I had of learning anything. That’s about as multitasking as I get, though. 
As it turned out, Katie had an emergency meeting that came up, so Darrick and I were off to do the shopping for Mom. Somehow, the list had grown into several hours of stops, instead of one quick store. Oh well. That’s the way it is when we’re getting ready for one of our big meetings. I didn’t mind though, as I said before, going shopping is fun because there are always people around. 
Yak, yak, yak. Seriously. Sometimes when I go people watching, it seems like everyone is talking at once. And not that I blame them. Have you thought recently about all the stuff there is to say in the world? I know some people are quiet, thoughtful, and far less expressive. I almost envy those people at times. Far more often though, I’m thrilled to be me: Outgoing, friendly and all around… Um, expressive.
“Do you think I talk to much?” I asked the question out of the blue, the way I often blurt out randomness. Darrick and I had taken a break from shopping to grab a quick lunch.
“Naw, you fill in awkward silences, that’s a good think.” Darrick stuffed a French fry in his mouth. “You are random though. Not that it’s a bad thing. It’s just who you are.” 
“Random? Do you mean like shallow?” I have this great horror of being shallow. I don’t mind being giggly and goofy at times. Being known as shallow though? No, just no. I’m deep. I like classical music and that’s got to mean something. 
“No, just random.” Darrick began chowing down another fry, leaving me to decipher the meaning on my own. 
I ate the rest of my chicken sandwich in silence, pondering what Darrick had said. In the end I decided that since I’d been sitting there thinking deep thoughts for the last three fourths of my meal, I couldn’t be shallow and I was greatly relieved. 
“Are you ready to go now, deep thinking sister?” Darrick’s words were playful and I smiled at him. 
“Sure. What store are we hitting next?” To me it doesn’t matter if we go to a clothing store or office supply place. As long as there are people, this little gal is content. Ok, I do admit, candy shops are my favorite, but then everyone has a weakness, right? 
Darrick pulled out his phone and scrolled around, my guess is he was consulting the list Mom had texted him. “How about the Jewelry store. All we have to do there is pick up Mom’s pearl necklace they were fixing. She wants to wear it for the awards dinner.” 
Horthan’s Jewelry was a pretty cool place to visit. The man who started it, Mr. Horthan had taken up a great liking to me for some reason, possibly because Mom’s such a great patron of his store, although I’d prefer to think it’s my outgoing manner. He’s also got the cutest little granddaughter and loves showing me pictures of her. 
“You don’t need to be so quiet now,” Darrick opened the car door for me, then went around and got into the drivers seat. That’s one thing Dad insists, my brothers are gentlemen and must treat their sisters accordingly. I love it. Darrick does, too, I think. Although he doesn’t admit it. “There’s no need for you to prove that you’re a deep thinker.” 

6 thoughts on “When Life Hands You Lymes #3

  1. David Mabe says:

    Great chapter. I didn't feel there was any rambling myself. I like the development of the relationship between Madalyn and Darrick. I like how you are building up a pretty high pedestal that Madalyn's on with her high energy, love of people, love of candy, and so on. It's easy to see this will be a huge crash when the lyme disease comes into the story. Keep it going, Aidyl.


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