Today I’m spending an easy day, catching up on some stuff and just enjoying a slower day. As I work on some ‘mindless’ work, I’m listening/ watching this. It’s probably the third, maybe forth time I’ve watched it. I really enjoy stuff like this! Y’all should check it out. 😉

And now… A little peek into my new office. Our family will hopefully be moving within a month or two. Yea!

I’m planning on putting my chair that I write in between the two windows. 
The door to the left is for the closet, the door to the right is into the hall.
The wall to the right is going to be red (see below) 
The whole wall (without the window) will be the red that you see straight ahead. 
What are y’all up to this weekend? 

8 thoughts on “Saturday

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice and bright, and I love wood floors! How exciting! Glad that's working out for you – hope you get moved in when you want to. 🙂 Have fun!



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