Update Kind of Thingy-Like Post

Oh my lands, y’all. I just now. And I do mean just now, like, after I started this post, remembered that I have my When Life Hands You Lymes post. Yikes! And, I have to get to work. So, that means you’ll be getting it later on today. Wow. Yikes, y’all. I think I’m trying to do to much this morning. 😉 
Everything is going well with the cooking this week, although I’ve freaked out a few times, thinking I’ve ruined the food. One of my co-workers/kitchen helpers is like: “Just remember, even though the food might not be turning out the perfect way you’re imagining in your head, no one else knows that and it tastes great and it will be fine.” Yes, she had to tell me that about two of the meals yesterday. And guess what? She was right. 
So, off to make some more food! And yes, I do plan on posting the story later on today, so check back! 
And to make your day a little more cheery and colorful, here are some beautiful flowers!

6 thoughts on “Update Kind of Thingy-Like Post

  1. David Mabe says:

    That's cool. You used “y'all” twice in the same paragraph. It's good to know it's not only us Texans that are guilty of that one. 🙂 I hope your day gets less crazy. Until later, I'll look forward to the further saga of Madalyn.


  2. Anonymous says:

    You are surely a good cook – just relax! Will look forward to reading your later post – until then, just take it easy! 🙂



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