Contest Finalists

This morning the finalists for the 107 word contest (starting with the the exact words/sentence “Every word he spoke was a lie.”) were announced on the Go Teen Writer blog: 
And there were more, they just didn’t fit on my screen…
Yep, no Aidyl Ewoh on there. Oh well though. I’m fine with that. I know I did a good job and it was fun, stretching and worth-while. Do I wish I’d won? Totally! But I’m happy for the other finalists. Great job, y’all! 
You can click here to see my original ideas I posted. I asked all y’all to vote for which one I should submit, and I ended up deciding on number one, which is this one: 
Every word he spoke was a lie. I tried to get mad at him, but I couldn’t, seeing how every word I spoke was one, too. A team of liars. That’s what we’d end up being. How was it possible? We had started out so promising. So full of dreams and hopes. And now we were stuck in the middle of Boston, lying harder and faster than a hamster going around on his little wheel. I knew it had to stop, but how could I suggest such a thing when we were about to make it big? When our break was just around the corner? 
Then, with a lot more editing, it evolved into these two snippets: 
Every word he spoke was a lie. She knew it too, but would never admit it. A team of liars, that’s what they were. She rummaged around in her purse; he never took his focus of the swaying chandelier. 

Jake leaned his head back, an air of tranquility hiding his anger. This wasn’t the first time he’d encountered the pair, although he prayed it was his last. Somehow they always went free. The thought grated on his nerves, sending a deep resolve over him that today would be different. 

Then she laughed. The smirk lighting up her face, “Ah, so you’ve been bit by the bug, too.”

And then… 

Every word he spoke was a lie. I knew it, and he knew it – but I couldn’t get mad at him, every word I’d spoken was one, too. A team of liars. That’s how we’d ended up. 

I sank into the chair, glancing around the cold, sparse waiting room, mind flashing back to when Gemma handed me the locket. “Do our family proud”, she’d whispered. But here we were, stuck in the middle of Boston, lying harder and faster than a hamster on a wheel. This was the last lie, that’s what Jake said. We both knew it wasn’t though. The door opened. Rising, I steeled myself. 

I ended up sending in this last snippet. Again, it was fun and I’m glad I took part in it. I can’t wait to hear what everyone else posted and especially the winning snippets! 🙂 Which one of those three snippets of mine do you like the best? 😉 I’d be delighted to hear your view! 
Also, I’m hoping to host a writing contest on Noveltea sometime during the next few months (I’ve done it the last two years, too). And here’s my question: Do y’all like the idea of a free whatever-you-want kind of contest with just a word-count guideline, or would you rather have a beginning sentence, theme or something like that to go by? Your ideas are greatly appreciated! 

6 thoughts on “Contest Finalists

  1. David Mabe says:

    You're still number 1 in our hearts, Aidyl. You don't need a contest to tell you that. I'm glad you had fun with the contest. I like the final one you entered. It was good. You took this challenge on well.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Didn't make it either, Aidyl, but it sure was fun trying! And the feedback is a nice thing to get too. Good job, still, and a nice positive attitude! I liked your entry. 🙂



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