The Coffee Shop

There’s a new coffee shop being open in town. *cue excitement* It’s not open yet, but somehow we were invited to head over to the coffee shop yesterday and do a taste-testing to our hearts content.

Yes, you heard me correctly. We literally got to go and sip on delicious coffee and eat mouth-watering sandwiches for totally free. It was amazing. And a lot of fun. I’m horrible with knowing the names of fancy coffees (really, as much as I enjoy coffee I’ve only bought one from a coffee shop like twice in my entire life), but I think what I had yesterday were two flavored lattes. The first one was French Vanilla (best flavor ever), and the second one was Toasted Marshmallow.


As I just said I’ve very rarely ever gone to a coffee shop, but sitting in the coffee shop yesterday (it’s still under construction), the thought of hanging out there every-so-often with my computer was quite enticing.

One of the reasons I hesitate to work at coffee shops has to do with the fact that I’m generally not a calm writer. I kinda do a sitting-down-acting-out of everything that’s happening to my characters. It’s not unusual for me to close my eyes and just run through a whole scene with my face and hands getting the facial expressions and movements just right. And, well, I don’t exactly want to be labeled as totally crazy, so I mostly work in private.

But for this coffee shop? Maybe I can learn to be a bit more sedate….


One of the cool things about this coffee shop is that the floor is old newspapers. I might or might not have sat on the floor at various places just to read the comics and articles. (Hey! That’s the joy that comes with hanging out at the coffee shop before it’s open to the public.)

And I just realized I’m sounding very much like a writer (or pretty much anyone else) with gushing about a coffee shop. Really though. Coffee and writing go admirably together, even when it’s just home-brewed coffee drunk by a girl who’s ignorant of what it’s like to be a fancy coffee connoisseur. But maybe, just maybe, with this new place in town I’ll actually learn the names of coffee drinks….

What about you? What is your favorite coffee-type drink?

9 thoughts on “The Coffee Shop

  1. Kate Willis says:

    That sounds like the best place ever!!! And I would totally sit on the floor (even when it is open) or act out scenes. 😀

    My dad recently discovered a Christian coffee shop in our general area. I cannot wait to go write there sometime and try their Chai tea!!!!

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    • aidylewoh says:

      Haha! Maybe some day we’ll sit at a coffee shop together and work on our books. 😉
      Oh so fun! You’ll have to tell me about the coffee shop after you try it. I think I’m going to really enjoy getting to hang out at the coffee shop in town.

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  2. Kaitlyn says:

    I would love to go there someday! 🙂 So awesome you got to try all that stuff for free! That is so cool that they have those newspapers on the floor! And you aren’t alone in not knowing all these fancy coffee names. When I order coffee, I’m sorta just like, “Hey, that word sounds cool and yummy, I’ll try that!” LOL. 😀 My favorite coffee drink is definitely a creation that a lady at our local Christian coffee shop (that is there to support missions/wherever needed! Pretty cool!) made…it’s called “Toffee Yum.” Oh wow. SO good. Wow. 🙂
    Well thanks a lot for making me want a cup of coffee now. HA! 😀

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    • aidylewoh says:

      Kaitlyn! Come visit me and I’ll take you there and let you try stuff for free. 😉 (Well, at least it will be free for you!)
      And yes! Ordering at coffee shops has been something I’ve not done for several reasons (like money), and because it’s totally stressful to try and figure out what stuff is. Thankfully my cousin’s going to work there, so he’ll be all nice and patient with me. 😉
      And “Toffee Yum”? That sounds YUM indeed! =)


  3. javadecaf says:

    This sounds like a really cool place! Reading the newspapers on the floor – LOL! That’s exactly what I would be doing.

    I am way too… um… thrifty to frequent coffee shops, but I do like mochas quite a lot. 🙂 One of these days, I’m going to figure out how to make them at home.

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    • aidylewoh says:

      Yes! I agree with being too…um…thrifty for coffee shops. 🙂 But, my cousin will be working there and it would be an amazing place to write, so I might change some of my thrifty habits. 😉


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