Writing Time Quirks

If you asked me if I had any writing quirks, the answer would be a resounding yes. In fact, there’s so many writing quirks that are displayed by yours truly that I decided to make a list so you can see a little bit of the behind-the-scenes when it comes to my writing (and editing and re-editing and re-re-editing). 

1. Music. I can listen to the same song over. and over. and over again. During other activities this would drive me nuts, but when I’m working on my writing the music helps me zone out and focus.

2. I randomly say/half-yell things like “Booyah!” and “Oh no she didn’t” and “Or not!” and “Oh come on people!” and “Oh! For real?” often. Very often. Plus I make weird sounds. Often. Very often. 
3. I do weird things with my hands. Like wiggling my fingers and tapping my finger-tips together and ‘air-typing’ and flicking my hand backward and having my hands talk to each other (although I don’t actually say anything). 
4. I act out scenes. Generally only the emotions and hand gestures though, because I don’t get up and walk around. My face probably looks like a seven-year-old child looking in the mirror for the first time as I twist it into dozens of different facial expressions. 
5. I rub my face and pull my hair and take my glasses on and off and generally act like I’m a toddler with their mother as I poke and examine my arms and hands. I think it’s a diversion technique that I employ because I don’t feel like I’m actually procrastinating, but I am getting a bit of a breather from the writing. 

6. I talk a lot. I mutter scenes. I tell the music to “just be quiet”, I encourage myself and I discuss (with myself) whatever my brain is coming up with at the moment.
(Edit: Added example: I published this post then when I pulled it up to look at it I realized the picture was off-center. I shook my head and said No, not acceptable in a grown-up-talking-to-a-baby voice without even thinking about it.)

7. Probably my biggest quirk though, is that I have to have something in my mouth when I’m writing. Before I consciously realized this I doubtless ate way too much while crafting a new book. Now that I’m aware of the fact that I just want something in my mouth, I’m not actually hungry, life is good. I often chew on my headphone cords (I know, I know… I don’t bite down though), pencils, pens, (even though I write on my computer) my finger, pieces of wood, little rubber toys, hard candy… You get the point. I also drink a lot when I’m writing. I keep a pitcher of water near my writing chair and fill up my cup over and over again. I also have a Keurig maker and consume mugs for of steaming drinks.

* * *
What about you? What are some quirks you have? 

One thought on “Writing Time Quirks

  1. Ashley says:

    Well, let's see. I definitely talk to myself and air type… Sometimes I listen to music, but it HAS to be this one playlist from an old movie soundtrack. It's approximately 42 minutes long and that's about as long as I can write without getting up and moving around for a bit. I also have a tendency to tap or poke the end of my nose with either my index finger or a pen… I think those last two are probably my biggest writing quirks. Lol.
    Such a fun post. 🙂


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