Never Said: Book Review

Never Said 
By Carol Lynch Williams 
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First person
Two points of view
256 (short) pages
About the Book 
Backcover blurb
From bestselling author Carol Lynch Williams (The Chosen One), a contemporary YA novel about a family that has been caught up in what doesn’t matter and how two sisters realize that their relationship—no matter how different the two of them are—is most important.

In this contemporary YA novel by bestselling author Carol Lynch Williams (The Chosen One), fifteen-year-old fraternal twins Annie and Sarah are sisters, but that is where their interaction ends. Then Annie begins to withdraw from the family, forcing Sarah to investigate why-and the secret she uncovers changes their relationship forever.

Never Said explores not only the effects of abuse but also our world’s reliance on self, beauty, and other people’s perceptions. With themes of forgiveness, love, sacrifice, and hope woven throughout the story, teens and other fans of young adult fiction will be drawn to this story of two sisters who must find a way to come together and find the healing they both need.

Why I Choose this Book

It was a pretty spontaneous decision. I was looking for a book to read and review and I liked the sister element to the story. I read the sample from Amazon and was intrigued by the writing style. Short, choppy sentences from Sarah’s point of view, prose-type from Annies. I’ve heard a lot about that style in different reviews and know it’s become popular, but I hadn’t read a book that incorporated it, so I decided to give it a try. 
What I Thought about the Book 

I have got to say: This author is amazing. Her word pictures and writing style was truly interesting to read and made me feel as if I had tumbled into a new mind. The cadence of the sentences filtered through my brain and 
like rain 
coming down 
that pricked my 

I can’t say it was exactly my style or that I would choose to read a book like this very often, but I did highlight a good amount of descriptions simply because they were that good. I read this book right before I went to bed and I had a restless night (not because of reading the book), every time I woke up though, my thoughts came in the same short, raw descriptive voice as the book, which serves to show how good of a job the author did. 
The book was told from two points of view and the girls came out sounding very different from each other, which is a big plus and showcases the author’s skill. I was impressed. There was barely any dialog which was crazy. It felt like we were trapped alone in each girl’s head, alone, kept away from everyone else… Amazing writing. 
With all that being said: I didn’t really enjoy the book all that much. The descriptions? Yes, oh yes. The storyline though? Not so much. It dealt with some pretty heavy issues and while the author handled them well enough, it wasn’t from a Christian perspective so therefore I didn’t feel like it restored much hope. I am very impressed with the author for writing the book though, because I know how extremely difficult it can be to write a book that is so deep and holds such emotion. 
Some of my favorite descriptions in the book:
* * *
* * * 
 * * *
* * *


There were a couple of minor ‘bad words’ and as mentioned previously it dealt with some pretty serious issues. The issues were handled with grace and didn’t have much detail which I really appreciated. I think books like this are really needed because it can help kids who have gone through a hard time realize they aren’t alone. I don’t have a problem with books not written from a Christian perspective, but because of that lack of influence I wouldn’t recommend this book because it doesn’t line up with my worldview. 


I’m giving Never Said Three stars. I had to think about this for a while because the descriptions themselves are almost enough to bump it up to four stars.

* * *
I received this book from BookLook in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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