July 2015 in Review

What I Focused on in July 

1. Spending time with family (visiting family out-of-state, my cousin’s wedding, etc…)
2. A week at the Creation Museum signing books and all that happiness
3. My non-writing job
Birthday Challenge and Dream List Update

1. Read 23 Non-fiction books {7 = 16}
4. Write 23 book reviews {5 = 11} here, here, here, here and here
13. Go to bed before 10:30 23 times (not in a row) {Completed June-something + 2}
15. No texting for 23 days (not in a row) {Completed June 28th}
20. Write a list of 500 things I’m thankful for {Completed July 16th}
21. Fill up a physical journal {Completed June 31st}


 Reading Update: 

Fiction: 10
Non-Fiction: 7
Reviews: 5

Nights gone: 11
New States or Countries traveled to: None
What I’ve been Learning

How do I even go into all I’ve been learning? 
I’ve been learning about speaking out and not remaining quiet. About living in faith. About letting go. About being ok with not-so-perfect. About asking God to increase my influence and then doing my part. 
I’ve been learning about how history repeats itself. About the importance of talking things through. About how much family and friends mean to me. About standing up for the truth and not backing down. 
I’ve been learning about writing and what annoys me in other books. I’ve been learning about thinking things through and having well-rounded characters. I’ve been learning about how much work it is to reach excellence. 
I’ve been learning and I’ve been growing. It’s been good. And at times not-so-good. 
Other Things

I’m excited that I got so much done on my birthday challenge this month. Most of the things are the list are pretty important to me and I’m fairly certain I’ll get 22 out of 23 of the challenges accomplished in time. (And, my birthday is at the end of next month so I really have to crack down on it!)
Going to the Creation Museum this month was extremely nice. I normally spend a few weeks there with my adopted parents each year and so I have a lot of friends there, plus I get to sign my books and talk with the guests and get story ideas and all that goodness. 
My first cousin to get married had her wedding in July and so that was nice. I’m happy for her and my new cousin-in-law. They’re great together. 
I read a lot of non-fiction this month which was challenging and good for me. I enjoy reading non-fiction books but I don’t fly through them like I do with fiction. So in July I finished reading three or four that I’d been in the middle of and then added in a few more. Plus reviews. I kinda overloaded Noveltea with reviews, but it was fun letting y’all know what I’d been reading. 
I’m currently visiting family out-of-state and therefore my blogging has been a bit sporadic. I have been getting editing done on When Life Hands You Lymes though, so that’s been wonderful!

How was your July? I’d be delighted to hear. 

One thought on “July 2015 in Review

  1. Ally R. says:

    Spending time with family sounds like a good month 🙂 And the Creation Museum sounds so interesting. I've heard Ken Ham talk about it(he's such a good speaker) and would really love to go there some day.

    Well done on reading so much nonfiction! I should really make a goal to read more of it too. I enjoy it, but the easier-to-swallow fiction novels are always calling my name! 😀

    Ally @ The Scribbling Sprite


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