When Life Hands You Lymes #81

Hey people! If you can’t tell from the sporadic posting I’ve been traveling. Now that I have internet again though, my post is ready for y’all. Please enjoy the 81st (and one of the final!) segment of my fictional story When Life Hands You Lymes

I entered my first music contest several months later after I was well on my way to a healthier life. I had wanted to keep it quiet that I was entering, but somehow the word leaked out and so people started asking me about the results and I started freaking out.
When I finally did hear the results, I didn’t know quite how to respond.

“So?” Julia asked as I walked in the room. She opened a file and began to flip through it. 
“So?” I mimicked her tone as I twirled my chair around and sat down, the pressed the power button on my desktop. It felt so good to be at work, at a regular job, where I knew I was making a difference and accomplishing something real each day. 
“Oh, so we’re going to act all innocent now.” Julia slammed the folder shut and plopped it on the desk. “How did it go?” Her gaze was so intent I couldn’t keep the news from her any longer. 
It felt like my lips were about to split from the grin that took over my face without any permission. “Seems like someone might just be beginning to have her dreams come true.” 
Julia’s response was everything I could have hoped for. Her squeals and enthusiastic hug around my neck did a pretty good job of portraying her excitement. “Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness, girl! You can’t imagine what it’s been like waiting to hear how it went. I’ve been so nervous I have literally been shaking. I just wanted to appear nonchalant when you came in in case stuff hadn’t worked out, you know?” Julia’s pitch and volume is climbing with each sentence, but despite being in the office I can’t shush her. “Look, look!” Julia sticks her hands in my face and I see they are indeed shaking. “Oh my lands, child. I don’t think I’m going to be able to handle this. I just want to scream and yell and fly and jump and dance and twirl off in a sunset.” Julia pulls me up from my seat and dances me around the room. “Do you realize what this means? This is huge! This is what we’ve been praying for and crying over and lying in bed through sleepless nights agonizing about.” 
I let her pull me around the small space in an awkward waltz, all the time marveling at how I got such a best friend. I’ve dragged her though so much muck and yet she’s stuck with me. 
“Come on! Aren’t you excited?” Julia drops my hands so she can pump her fists in the air and jump around even more. 
“Of course I’m excited. I’m just pretty sure you can express it well enough for both of us.” 
“Have you told everyone yet?” Julia sits back down and begins taking deep, measured breaths. 
“Just my parents. I wanted you to be one of the first to find out. Besides,” I wave at the office. “I was pretty sure after I told you it wouldn’t be long until everyone else found out, too.” 
“Hey, hardly anyone’s in today.” Julia gives me a superior look. “Well, when are you going to tell everyone?” 
“Jason, Katie and Darrick?” I shrug, “Probably some time today. The rest of the world will figure it out eventually.” 
“Sometimes I wonder how in the world we became best friends,” Julia mumbles as I turn back to my computer. 

Deep down inside I am happy. I’m ecstatic. There have been few moments in my life that have been so filled with joy, excitement and promise. I position myself at the computer, ready to begin working for the day, but somewhere between my brain and hands there’s a short circuit and I find myself day dreaming. 

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