D is for Dictionary

Y’all, I get more story ideas than I’ll ever be able to use. For this A to Z Challenge I’m sharing some of these crazy and random balloons with you just for the fun of it. The posts will be set up like a backcover blurb or a newspaper article. Sit back and enjoy! 

They call me Dictionary. 
Mom said she found me reading a chapter book for the first time when I was two. 
Dad said I was critiquing his work reports when I was five. 
My older brother Jack started asking for my help with his college assignments when I was eight. 

Some people think it must be exciting to be a genius and I guess it is sometimes. Mostly though, it just feels normal. That is until the FBI decided they would be able to use my intelligence to help with one of their cases. Who works for the FBI when they’re ten? 

Of course I wanted to do whatever I could to help the general population so I agreed. Mom freaked out, but Dad thought it would be good for me. Jack was sworn to silence which he could barely uphold (hey, who doesn’t like it that their older brother is proud of them?) and thus my new life began. 

My Code Name is Dictionary is a humorous Middle Grade book told from the perspective of ten-year-old genius, Abigail Willams. With dry wit, misunderstandings and a good dose of brilliancy, Abigail enters the world of the FBI during the day and then comes home at night to solve her own cases with Jack as her side-kick. 

* * * 
What about you? Do you like books where there’s a really smart kid? 

8 thoughts on “D is for Dictionary

  1. Grace M. says:

    Please write this!!!! It sounds SO fun. 🙂 Looking forward to reading more of your story ideas throughout the month!


  2. Aidyl Ewoh says:

    Thank you, Grace! Your comment made me smile. I probably won't actually write it (most of the posts from this month are ideas that will never go further…) but it is fun thinking about it!


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