E is for Echo

Y’all, I get more story ideas than I’ll ever be able to use. For this A to Z Challenge I’m sharing some of these crazy and random balloons with you just for the fun of it. The posts will be set up like a backcover blurb or a newspaper article. Sit back and enjoy! 

Note: This idea is a story I am actually writing. It’s on hold for now while I focus on some other books, but I look forward to migrating back to it one day. 

In a land where twins are outcasts, identical princesses masquerade as one girl, Rylie, heir to the throne, a secret not even their father knows. 

Known as echos, twins are thought to be a sign of either a dark family history or the foretelling of some disaster. Therefore, whenever echos are born, the whole family is forced to flee to the City of Outcasts, or worse, to death. 

Through the queen’s ingenuity and the loyalty of a handful of servants, the truth about the princesses is hidden and they grow up knowing that one day it’s their duty to change the mind of their people. As they grow older though, they realize that their hardest conquest will be their father. 

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