Giveaway and Music Contest

Happy Monday, Everyone! I thought I’d start off y’alls week by giving you the chance to win one of these wonderful Action Kids Deluxe Packages! Looks fun, right? Check out this blog to see how you can enter the giveaway. (I’m giving away three of them, so y’all have more chances to win. 🙂 Please note: Not all three of the giveaways will be exactly the same. 

And because it is Monday and common hearsay says that some people don’t find quite as much pleasure in Mondays as I do (a whole week to look forward to and make differences in and accomplish goals!), I decided to share another spectacular thingy-majing with you. Well, maybe Monday’s only part of the reason I’m sharing it with you. 

Enter The Greg Howlett Studio Recording Contest. 

Every year Greg Howlett hosts a music contest and then lets the public vote for the winner out of the top ten entries. A really good family friend of ours, Aaron Smith, is one of the finalists with his beautiful piece, Celtic Joy.

Aaron shared Celtic Joy with us a while ago ands since then I’ve enjoyed hours of listening to it while writing. Now you get the chance to listen to it as well, and, if you feel so inclined, to vote for him. Listen to all the entries (and vote!) here.

* * *
Check out this post for your chance to win a $50 gift card and this post to see the prize for the quote puzzle and comments game. We have another giveaway going on hereFind Action Kids’ Club here (e-version) and here (paperback). 

Oh, oh, oh! One more thing before I go! I just looked up to see beautiful, big snowflakes coming down. Happy, happy Day! 

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