Life, it’s Weird

Last night my family was sitting around doing various things but not necessarily with each other, so being the familish person that I am I decided to take my computer down and work on my projects while kinda hanging out with them. 
I had two bloggie author interviews to work on, some research to do and emails to send. Earlier in the day I had written and sent a guest post to a blogger, as well as updating my blog and spending a while working on my writing. 
It hit me again while sitting there. I am an author. Answering interview questions, promoting my book and doing research is all part of my job. I get paid to sit for hours behind my computer and move my fingers in weird patterns to convert my thoughts into little black lines on the screen in front of me. 
My life is so weird. 
What about you? What do you fill your days with? Do you sometimes sit back and view your life with a little bit of shock, like How in the world did I get here?? It’s crazy how we can end up right where we wanted to be and still find it amazing and weird and wonderful and strange. 
This book launch didn’t go quite the way I was expecting it to and it’s been kinda hard on me. I knew one of my problems was that I wasn’t stepping back so I could see the big picture. During the early years of being a writer it seems like so much of your time, energy, resourses and life is spent pouring into a project without much payback, but that’s ok. It’s a learning curve. It’s the compound effect. Some day everything with catch up with me and I’ll see the difference these years made. 
For now though? For now I’m working on being delighted with the life I get to live each day. I’m striving to be ok with not having the results I dreamed of. I’m working on being content with a slow process. It’s been good for me. 
Life isn’t all about arriving at a certain milestone. Life is a road, a journey. I sometimes forget that. Today I’m remembering it. 

Today I’m posting over at Bookworm Blather where I’m giving away a copy of one of John Maxwell’s books. The book is great, y’all should really check it out. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Life, it’s Weird

  1. Chris Purdom says:

    Shock, yeah. I was going to spend my life trucking. Now i drive a straight truck and a 1 ton van. This was not what i forsaw me doing. Traveling days are over unless your adopted Dad has a reason i get to run up and pick something up at his house. 🙂 i remember Ken offering to find me some kind of jobat AiG but no, I was an over the road truck driver i ain't staying in one spot! Lol. Lord wants you somewhere He'll get you there whether you think you want to go or not. Happy after I got here but I took the Jonah route of getting here. Lol. Have a wonderful day Lydia. Keep writing! Very uplifting 😀


  2. Aidyl Ewoh says:

    Haha, that is crazy how life changes. It's cool getting to see you when I get to visit the Museum. 🙂 And yep, totally! Just going along with the idea is generally the best way to go. 🙂


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