When Life Hands You Lymes #46

Hey everyone! Believe it or not, I didn’t forget about the When Life Hands You Lymes post today. I just didn’t have it ready until now. 🙂 
I’m actually taking a jump in the story again, because, as you know, I’m posting it as I write it so therefore it’s not seamless and all that good stuff that goes into polishing up a story. 
And now, sit back, relax and enjoy the #46th segment of my fictional story, When Life Hands You Lymes… 
The rush of bodies all around me made me sick to my stomach. Gasping, I leaned against one of the grungy walls and hugged my English book tight to my midsection. I closed my eyes and forced myself to breath deeply. In, out. In, out. In – Just then the horrible smell of some kid who hadn’t gotten proper hygiene ingrained in their brain yet attacked me, full strength. I felt panic, and my breakfast, rising up at an alarming rate. No longer trying to hide it, I rushed to the bathroom and lost my breakfast, although sadly, not the panic. 
I washed my mouth out then peered at my face in the mirror. I was a wreck. Not that I looked horrible, I just felt horrible and that meant my confidence was about a minus five which is really not a cool place to be. 
I readjusted shirt, I ran my finger over where I had accidentally splashed some water leaving darker splotches on the maroon fabric. I gave an exasperated sigh and then pulled out my phone and sent Katie a quick text. I’m not feeling very Madalynish. Prayers would be nice. Then, squaring my shoulders, I took a deep breath, etched a smile on my face and exiting the bathroom made my way to my English class. 
The first day of school was not going too well so far. Definitely not according to plan. My plan? It had seemed so simple the night before. I would wake up, find out my whole summer of sickness had been a nightmare and would dive back into school with my head held high, my health in perfect condition and my world firmly under my feet which would be encased in cute sandals. 

I tapped the toe of my tennis shoe on the floor under my desk as I listened to Mr. Kromer talk. I tried to keep my mind focused and take notes like a good student, but I kept getting distracted. My shoes, for one thing, kept coming to mind. Katie had given me several cute pairs of summery footwear she’d gotten on sale, but instead of wearing any of those delightful pieces of girly fashion I was left wearing my tennis shoes. I had been so cold when I got out of bed that the thought of not having warm, fuzzy socks on (yes, in August) was to much to bare. No wonder I felt so weird. I was weird. Weird and totally unlike my usual, predictable self. 
“Having fun?” Julia’s voice broke into my thoughts. 
I almost gasped when I realized I was out in the hall with the rest of the kids, making my way to my next class. Or I was supposed to be, anyway. I wasn’t even sure which class I had next. 
I gave a fake laugh as I looked at my schedule. Math was next. “Since when have I ever not had fun at school?” I evaded giving her an answer. Ever since she had lectured me on how I needed to snap out of my supposed sickness, I’d felt a tightening in my chest whenever I was around her. Not that I felt anger toward her, just a deep since of being alone. “See ya.” I abruptly changed directions so I could go to my locker and change out books. 

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