Being an Author

Being an author isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. 
Being a writer rocks. 
Being an author though? That can be hard at times. Really hard. It takes perseverance. It takes tenacity. It takes discipline. It takes someone who is strong. Someone who is willing to go through round after round of rejection and still bounce back, ready to run again. It takes someone who can handle failure and grow from it. It takes someone who realizes that it’s a process and processes take time. 
Sometimes I forget those things and I stumble and fall. 
Sometimes being an author is scary. Sometimes being an author can be like getting punched and not really knowing why. Sometimes being an author is pouring years of your life into a book and not knowing how the readers will respond to it. Sometimes being an author seems like way to much work and heartache. 
Then I remember these things and I rise up, clambering over the defeat to run at it again…
Being an author is a way to influence the world. It’s a way to entertain, motivate and inspire. It’s a way to open a new world for my readers. It’s a way to multiple my life because through my books I can reach far more people than I ever could on my own. 
Being an author means I will have books that outlast my stay here on earth. It means I can help others learn about the love of reading. It means that someday I’ll have kids reading until they can hardly keep their eyes open at night because they have to see what happens next. It means that good friends will come along side me, encouraging me, urging me to keep going. 
Being an author means I’ve crossed the world from being a reader, to having people be able to read about my own world and thoughts. It means children will have a better chance at a successful life. It means I’ve stayed the course, I’ve been dedicated, I’ve taken the leap and worked to make my dreams come true. 
Being an author isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. But it’s more. More than mets the eye. More than non-authors will understand. More than I ever imagined. It’s a deep, crazy journey that’s well worth it. 
I am, and always will be, an author. 

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8 thoughts on “Being an Author

  1. Mrs. Abigail Miller says:

    I can identify… It's a little like being a songwriter/recording artist. Being a songwriter is great! But when you record and put them out there, it changes the dynamic from you and God to you and God and everyone else. But there is the good side, as you said, of multiplied influence and sharing God's work in my life with others. Keep up the good work, Lydia!


  2. David Mabe says:

    I concur with Abigail. I've never had any of my songs released on a national or even regional album. A friend and I did a small independent CD that was a big hit among family(church and otherwise) and friends. But when you write, you are sharing a part of yourself with anyone that may come across it. Its a heavy weight. I admire you Lydia. With all you've dealt with in your battle with Lymes and you've still come to the other side of it with grace and wisdom that many never display. Again, to borrow from Abgail, keep up the good work!!! Have a great weekend.


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