11 – Action Kids Book Release

11 Days!

Life is good. I might have had to go three different places trying to find Internet that works, I might have taken pictures of the elven stickers in three different rooms, trying to get one that would turn out well and I might be behind on several projects, but still, Life is good. By the way, I got those stickers at the doctors office yesterday when I went for a check-up because I think about y’all even there. I’m a blogger through and through. 

Today I was thinking about how crazy it is that while I’m here, living my life, going from task to task, there are kids reading my book. It’s so weird to think about that! I mean, a lot of my life is filled with doing laundry, sweeping the floor, cooking, cleaning up, cutting grass, etc… When I was a little kid reading I never imagined the author could be living, doing mundane tasks at the very moment I was reading a story she wrote. 
Being an author is pretty cool cause it’s kinda like I’m getting to do more than one thing at once. I can live my life here with the list I have for the day Including, yet not limited to, Making lunch, helping out with a Science project, cutting grass, helping make supper, working on my blog tour stuff, working on a book report for work….   and I can also be influencing/entertaining/helping kids basically anywhere in the world. Yikes. That’s almost mind-blowing. 

11 Days…

Since today marks 11 days until the release of the first book in the Action Kids series, here are 11 pets I have/would like to have one day:

1. A dog (have one)
2. A skunk 
3. A rabbit (have one)
4. A hedgehog
5. A horse
6. A prairie dog
7. A rat (have one)
8. A penguin 
9. A donkey
10. A raccoon
11. A monkey 

*  *  *
Now it’s YOUR turn! If you feel so inclined, you can either write a post (and link it back to this one) where you talk about 11 animals that you like to/do have and leave a link in the comments section. Or, just leave your list in the comment section. 
Everyone who participates during the next two weeks will be entered into a drawing for their chance to receive one of the very first signed copies of the Action Kids book!

7 thoughts on “11 – Action Kids Book Release

  1. David Mabe says:

    Congratulations on the release of the AK book!!!!! I'm glad I'm finally able to post again. It's been a strange few months with very little computer time. I have a ton of “Lymes” stories to catch up on…:-D I don't really have a list of pets. I've owned most that I've desired to. The one that I'd love to own, but most likely never will, would be a Siberian white tiger. I've always had a love for them and love to go the local(Tyler, Texas) zoo and visit the pair they have. But, I've also heard many horror stories of having pet tigers going badly, therefore this will probably remain a fantasy. Have a great day, Aidyl!!


  2. Aidyl Ewoh says:

    Hey David! It's really great to have you back on Noveltea. I missed your comments. I can totally relate to having computer time being taken over by other things, though! Wow, a Siberian white tiger? That sounds exciting and… dangerous. It's fun to have fantasies though. I'll probably never have a penguin, either, but it's fun to think about. 🙂


  3. Tarissa says:

    This question is right up my alley. There are several animals I would love to have as a pet. =)

    1. Dog
    2. Hedgehog
    3. Rabbit
    4. Horse
    5. Sheep
    6. Donkey
    7. Pig
    8. Hamster
    9. Cat
    10. Koala bear
    11. Parakeet


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