Happy Monday!

Happy Monday, y’all! I woke up this morning way earlier than I had been wanting to (jet-lag?) so I decided to get a jump start on my writing work for the day, including working on writing some scheduled-ahead posts for Noveltea for when I’m in Europe. When I got on-line, I was thrilled to see my best friend (who I just spent a month with in Asia) was on also and we got to chat for a little bit. Suddenly my early morning was a very happy early morning. =) 
I’m really excited about answering the questions from here in future posts, and if y’all have questions to add, just leave them in the comment section of this post or that one, and I’ll have fun answering them as well. 🙂 And of course don’t forget to enter in this giveaway again! 
On my plate for this week I have:
*Unpacking from Asia 
*Packing for Europe
*Getting all my laundry done in-between those two things^
*Cleaning my room 
*Reading up on European history 
*Cutting grass (yay!)
*Getting caught up on answering blog comments (finally, y’all!)
*Scheduling posts for when I won’t have Internet in Europe
*Sending out giveaway gifts (after the giveaway ends)
*Normal work and life 
*Leaving for Europe (Eeek!)
What about y’all? What do you have on your schedule for this week? 

3 thoughts on “Happy Monday!

  1. David Mabe says:

    Wow!! My week is nowhere near as involved as yours is. Aside from saving nuns from runaway buses and children from burning orphanages, it's just going to be a regular week. 😉 The main thing going on is a day of Dr's appointments for my wife on Thursday. We've had a few weeks off from that and its been nice. But, reality is back. I hope you're able to get all of your stuff done. Though, I imagine the things the are in preparation of going to Europe will be the priority.


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