January – Month Review

I guest posted over here today, why don’t ya check it out? 

Review for the month of January, 2014

First off, I’ll start the updates for my 22 Before 22 Challenge:

1. Write and send 22 snail-mail letters – CHECK I’ve actually sent out more than 22  
2. Go for 22 days (not in a row) without Internet – I’ve gone four days so far – every Sunday
3. Go for 22 days (not in a row) without computer – I’ve gone four days so far – every Sunday
4. Read 22 non-fiction books – Read 2 and I’m reading three more right now
5. Read 22 fiction books – Read 6
6. Write 22 thousand words in my journal – CHECK 
7. Memorize 22 (Bible) verses – Memorized 6 verses (Proverbs 1:5-7 and Proverbs 10:19-21)
8. Move to our new house
9. Go to Florida – CHECK – Currently in Florida 
10. Go to Europe
11. Go for 22 days in a row without sugar – CHECK – From Jan. 1st. until Jan. 23rd.
12. Host a writing contest on Noveltea
13. Do a guest post or be interviewed on other blogs or host a guest poster or interview on my blog 22 times HERE and HERE, plus I have several guest posts waiting to be posted 
14. Track all the money I spend for 22 days
15. Do the 100/100 challenge with Limes – I’ve kept up with this
16. Write the continuing Limes story on Noveltea, at least 500 words a segment – Kept up with this
17. Get my drivers license
18. Do my idea with the jar and marbles/beads, etc…
19. Get WDG totally edited
20. Write the first draft for my AK’s book – CHECK – Completed on Jan. 10th, 2014
21. Get my second Creation Quest book totally ready for publication
22. Write ten book reports/reviews – Reviewed 5 (Here, here, here, here and here)

(5 out of 22 completed, 9 out of the remaining 17 started) 
“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” 
Now let’s move on to my daily, weekly and month-long goals: 

I have seven daily goals and eleven weekly goals that stay the same, I’ve kept up with each one of those. In addition, I also chose ten goals each week with a certain number of times I want to do each of those goals. I’ve kept up with those, too. Lastly, I have three weekly goals (that change each week) and three monthly goals (that change each month) and fifteen year-long goals. Here the Month and Weekly goals are: 

Monthly Goals:
1. Write AK book = YES
2. Memorize 6 verses and write 10,000 words in journal = YES
3.Read 5 books, write 1 review = YES

Week One Goals:
1. Get to at least 5,000 words on AK book = YES
2. Work on Cool Animals of the Ice Age book = YES
3. Begin “How to Win Friends” book & write report on first chapter = NO (I was given an extension I didn’t focus on it)

Week Two Goals:
1. Big project at work = YES
2. Read and review chapters for work = YES
3. Read 2 books worth (can be four half books) = YES (I think…)

Week Three Goals:
1. Get ready and leave for Florida = YES
2. Catch up on typing for Dad = YES (mostly at least, there are a few things I have to ask about still…)
3. Try and get AK book ready to send to editor YES (and I got it sent!)

Week Four Goals: 
1. Read 1 non-fiction book = Still working on this one 
2. Memorize 3 verses = YES
3. Spend time with grandparents and family in Florida = YES

Year-long Goals:
(2 out of 15 completed, 8 out of the remaining 13 started)
Completed Goals: 
*In 2014, if the Lord wills and I live, I have someone to do illustrations for the Action Kids Club
*In 2014, if the Lord wills and I live, I make Mommy a blanket 

How about you? Did you accomplish your goals for the month? If so, I’d be delighted to hear about it! (And, even if you didn’t, it would still be great to hear what you did during January! 😉 

4 thoughts on “January – Month Review

  1. Bekah says:

    It sounds like you got a lot done this month, good for you! I'm pleased that I've done well with my blog schedule and have kept on track with that. I'm finishing up a really good book by Elisabeth Allen called: “The Abolitionist”. I’m also keeping on track of the editing of my books. Life is good! Praise the Lord!

    God bless!

    His Princess,


  2. Anonymous says:

    Good job reaching your goals, Aidyl! You are quite the journaler! Do you write by hand or do you type your journals? I have just picked back up on journal writing. My goal is to finish 5 of them in a year. I have 1 of them finished so far… really there is so much in life I don't want to forget… and there's a comfort in it as well. 🙂 So you found someone to do your illustrations? That's exciting!
    Other goals I've finished this month was reaching 10k in my book in progress. My other goal was to get over my fear of acting before our play next week… but I am still scared when it's my time! 🙂 Oh well – still a week to work on it!
    Have a wonderful weekend, Aidyl!



  3. David Mabe says:

    You seem to be off to a good start for 2014. It's great to set goal and I'm impressed with your ability to stick with it. Especially with all of what you have to do. Just remember to take some time and rest. Congratulations on hitting and working on your goals. I hope your weekend is great.


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