February … Life Update

Welcome, February! 
I feel as if I have a busy couple of months ahead of me. This past week it’s really been hitting me how much I have going on and it can be a bit overwhelming at times. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m totally thrilled to get to do everything and feel very privileged to live the life I have, and I wouldn’t trade it, but even good can be overwhelming. 🙂 

Today I’m thinking of how we have a month extending out in front of us, brimming full of opportunities. Some of what we go through will be fun and wonderful, other stuff…not so much. We sometimes have to go through hard times to get to the great times. I know as long as I’m living my life for God’s glory, then in the end, everything will fall into place and work out.
Random pictures because today felt like ‘random picture posting day’…  

January was a good month for me. 
*I got my AK book plotted, written, beta read, self-edited and sent to my editor. 
*I stayed with my adopted parents and co-authored the Ice Age book with them. 
*I spent some great time with family, including getting to celebrate my mom’s birthday by making her a blanket and fixing one of her favorite meals. 
*I traveled down to Florida where I am currently hanging out with lots of family. 
*I’m helping get ready for some big business meetings (which are why we came down to Florida in the first place). 
January wasn’t a perfect, or necessarily easy, month, there were hard times, tears, and pain, but the good overshadowed the bad by far!

February is going to be busy and wonderful as well. If the Lord wills, my plan for this month is:
*Spend the first two weeks here in Florida. And wow, it’s busy!
*When we get home I’ll be spending the rest of the month packing up my room and our house. Even though we’re just moving down the road, it’s still lots of work.
*I also have to get ready for some trips I’m going on. In March I’m traveling to Nashville for several days with my adopted parents. Then in April, I’m heading off to Europe for a business conference with my family. Plus, there’s more traveling stuck in the left over spaces.
*I have a ton of work to get done on my AK book. This next week I’m planning on researching Middle Grade fiction blogs so I can start lining up interviews and giveaways for when my AK book is released. (I’m hoping to share a lot of the background and info about the AK book with y’all really soon! Yay!) 

If y’all know of any Middle Grade fiction blogs, I’d be delighted if you tell me about them!
What are some of the things you’re looking forward to this month? 

3 thoughts on “February … Life Update

  1. Bekah says:

    Hi Aidyl, sounds like you do have a busy couple months ahead! My family is going to be in Nashville in March, as well, for the Teach Them Diligently Conference, I'm very excited about it. I always love looking at all the books in the convention hall.

    His Princess,


  2. David Mabe says:

    Be sure to take some time to breathe during the next few months. 🙂 I got tired just reading about your schedule for the next few months. I'm excited to read your blogs as you get to travel and do all things you plan on. Have a great weekend!!


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