Home Again // Surprise

After spending Sunday through Thursday in Colorado, it’s good to be back home. We arrived home about 12:30 this morning and after a cup of tea (made by my lovely sister, Mariah), and a huge amount of happiness from my dog, Novel, I fell into bed. 
The first day we were in Colorado was beautifully blue with puffy, white clouds. The rest of the week though, it was gray and kinda soggy. I was thrilled. Gray skies. Layers and layers of dark clouds. Mist-filled hollows. Chilly winds. Stinging rain. All these things blend together to create a lovely season that I find enchanting.

One of the days we traveled over the mountains to a cute little town called Silverton. It was a lot of fun! And the hour-or-so-long drive there. Me oh my! I could have done it every day! The drop-offs and lack of guardrails in most places prohibited my mom (the only one who could drive the rental car), from chancing it more than once, though.

And now for my surprise… Well, actually you’ll have to check back in tomorrow for that, but I’m really excited to have an amazing post ready! I just wanted to let y’all to know to be on the look out for it! 

2 thoughts on “Home Again // Surprise

  1. Aaron Smith says:

    Wow. We used to go up to the mountains when we lived in Colorado, and this brings back great memories – going up there was always such a spiritually purifying experience; Dad taking impossible turns with engineered precision while we in the the back were frantically getting right with God, probably confessing to extortion, blackmail, and armed robbery, just to be safe (three weeks ago I rolled my eyes at you – would you forgive me?!). There's “scared-of-the-dark” terror, and then there's “I-am-about-to-meet-my-maker-via-tree-branch” terror. Yeah, like I said – great memories. x)


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