Beautiful, Beautiful Colorado

I used to dream of going to Colorado. To me even the very word Colorado is beautiful. Back in May of this year when I was doing the countdown until the release of my book, one of the top 17 places I wanted to visit was Colorado. 
On our way home from Hawaii in April of this year we had a layover in Colorado. Like, ‘Get out of your plane and run to the next plane’ type of layover, but it made me happy to have actually set foot in the beautiful state. I decided then to add “go to Colorado and buy a sweatshirt” to my dream list. That dream was accomplished the first week of June when I took a extremely quick trip here with my mom and a couple of siblings. 
And then a few weeks ago, I found out I was going to be coming back. This time I was thrilled that we had a few extra days so we could actually spend some time looking around. And do you know what? Even though we came to the same place as last time, I think it’s even more stunning and exquisite than last time I was here

Even though I don’t see myself needing to take any future trips to this place, I would jump at the chance if it were ever presented to me again.  

What about you? What state(s) would you most like to visit? The top of my list is Alaska, and my second one is Montana.

One thought on “Beautiful, Beautiful Colorado

  1. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful! I have a friend in CO and one in MT, so those would be great. But I'd love to go to Virginia! Glad you got to go somewhere you wanted to so badly. 🙂



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