10 Days!

{Note: At a hotel we finally have Internet, so I worked on catching up with answering comments… I answered around 70. Thanks so much for all the great comments! Hopefully y’all realize I’m not really neglecting you after all…}

Only 10 more days until my book is released! Yesterday I traveled to Colorado with a few of my sibs and my mom, so for today here are 10 tips for making traveling more fun:

1. Always smile at people, it will brighten their day

2. When you go to the restroom, if there’s a cleaning person in there, comment on what a great job they’re doing. Seriously, I’ve had people just about cry when I tell them that

3. Strike up friendly conversations with the flight attendants, who knows what info you can find out? Such as that tomato juice is the most asked for beverage when in-flight? Who would have guessed?

4. Bring along great books that enthrall you so much that you barely know when or how time passes

5. Make it a game to see how fast you can empty your pockets/take your computer and liquids out of your bag/and take off your shoes and then refill them/put them back on when you’re going through security… Of course make sure you don’t look like you’re in too much of a hurry…

6. Bring along lots of healthy snacks so you don’t have to spend exorbitant amounts of money to keep your stomach from rumbling

7. Instead of getting stressed at the silly, weird places you have to go for layovers, just chalk it up to one more adventure you’ve gotten to experience

8. Find out the pilots names and then write them (and the flight attendants) thank-you notes letting them know that their service was appreciated, hand it to them as you’re leaving the plane (My younger sister’s idea, she’s made a lot of people’s day doing this)

9. Take random pictures of yourself as you hurry through the airport and text them to your best friend

10. Fall down and kiss the ground when you finally arrive at your destination (Actually I wouldn’t recommend this if you have a younger, easily-embarassed sister, since it wouldn’t be the best thing for your relationship with her, but you can imagine doing it)

2 Pilots + 1 Flight Attendant = 3 Thank-You cards

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