11 Days

Only 11 days until my book gets released, so for today here are 11 things that I (almost) always pack when I go on a trip by plane…

1. My computer (I’m a writer…)
2. My phone (music, notebook, Internet and kindle all combined, plus tons more)
3. My clothes (self-explanatory)
4. A few books (again, I’m a writer…)
5. Computer and phone cord (battery’s only last so long)
6. Earbuds (I almost always use music when I’m writing)
7. Vitamins (of course!)
8. Nuts (yummy)
9. My blanket & bear (because I’m cool like that and it’s nice having something to sleep on in the plane)
10. Flip flops or sandals (I hate taking off shoes while going through security)
11. My ID, because really, they don’t really let you on a plane without that

So, yeah, that’s about it. And in just a few minutes I’m going to be boarding a plane for Colorado. ;-). Really cool, right?

2 thoughts on “11 Days

  1. Sarah Rudolph says:

    neat! I especially agree with #10. As far as books… when I go places I have so many notebooks, and they're each for different purposes, I end up taking 4 or five notebooks. I also like taking my bear =)



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