Writing. Oh, the very word fills me with so many different thoughts, ideas and feelings. Recently I’ve been feeling the weight of all I have to learn. The wealth of information that I barely even begun to tap into has the ability to consume and overwhelm me, but I’m not going to let it.  
I sometimes feel an urge to wait to try and publish anything (or allow people to see it) until I’ve gotten better. Until I’m more proficient in my trade. Then I realize this very simple truth: I’m never going to ‘arrive’. I’m always, always, going to be learning. There’s just not enough time in the human’s life span to learn all that you can learn. Therefore, I need to plow ahead. I need to take a deep breath and take steps, even when I’m nervous about it. 
Novel when she was a baby. (Ok, ok, in reality this might be one of Novel’s siblings, I’m not sure.)
Not that I shouldn’t be the best I can be at this time, and not that I shouldn’t wait for some things. But I can’t just hold back until I have discovered all the secrets to character developments…. Until I’ve perfected the art of plot arches…. Until I’ve read every book there is about writing. Because I have a limited time to accomplish everything I need to on this earth. 
So, even though I know I’m going to get better, and even though some things that I write now are going to make me look back and cringe in a few years (or months, depending on how fast I grow!), I’m going to keep on. I’m learning. My editor is helping me grow. Feedback helps me grow. Reading helps me grow. 
There y’all have it. I’m going to plunge ahead and work as best I can at this time. Recently (pretty much since NaNoWriMo, which was November of last year), I’ve been focusing on editing and growing. I think it’s paying off. It’s pretty exciting. 
How is your writing journey coming along?

Novel a couple of months ago. You can see how she’s been growing…

3 thoughts on “Writing

  1. Anonymous says:

    Amen! 🙂 That echoed my feelings. I've been really low about writing, though, the past week. No ideas, little words, tired of all my stories being…the same. Sounding the same. Trying to do camp nano with 20k, which usually is a piece of cake, and I'm way behind. 😦 I've never had such a rough time writing.



  2. Sierra says:

    Actually pretty good thanks! I wrote a lot and ohmigoodness actually outlined a chapter! Which totally helped me get everything straight and kept me writing. Who knew? And I'm feeling encouraged because I'm around 60k 😀 I know exactly what you are talking about! It feels like I have so much to learn and when I finally get something something else just as important pops up for me to grasp. Whew. Writing is exhausting…but there is nothing else I would rather do!


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