NaNoWriMo’s Going Great – Cool Movie

Well, I didn’t think I’d be telling y’all this, but I’m kinda taking a few moments to procrastinate here, and thought I would get something worth while done when I’m at it. 
(I actually like to think of it as finding inspiration for the next chapter I’m about to write, 
but I realized that if I kept telling myself that, I wouldn’t be being quite truthful to little ol’ me.) 
Anyway, maybe if you watch this movie, 
you’ll get inspired to see your story from a different point of view and add some life to it. 
Now let’s see if I can pound out another couple thousand words tonight… 
Oh, one last thing. I’m pretty happy with myself because I just spelled “procrastinate”
 and I didn’t even know I knew how to.
 *Pats self on the back* 
(Seriously, how often do you use that word in everyday life? I hardly ever do.)
Oh, and NaNo update? 17,000 words! Yea-ah! 

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