November 2015 in Review

What I Focused on in November

1. National Novel Writing Month
2. Family time, especially during the holidays
3. The beginning of a couple of busy weeks with my non-writing job

Birthday Challenge and Dream List Update 

2. Pray the “prayer of Jebez” every day for three months {2 Months}
3. Read the whole Bible { 1 Chronicles, 2 Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Job} 
4. Go to Wednesday night church 24 times
7. Read the Proverb of the day every day for six months {2 Months – I might have missed one day}
11. Get up at 6:15 or before 24 days in a row (not counting weekends) {Completed on November 17th}
12. Go to bed at 10:30 or before 24 nights (not in a row) {2 Nights}
13. Write a monthly review on my blog within 5 days of the end of the month whenever internet is available {1 Months}

14. Blog my 3 (or more) top goals for each month within 5 days of the beginning of each month whenever internet is available {2 Months
22. Write 50,000 words in a month on my WIP (preferably for nanowrimo) {Completed NaNo on 11/6/15, wrote 68,000 during the month}

Side Note:
I completed 18 out of the 24 days on this challenge, then had to stop due to my wrists: Write a 1,000 words a day on my WIP every day for 24 days in a row (not counting Sundays)

Do (and complete) NaNoWriMo again

Reading Update

Fiction: 2
Non-Fiction: 0
Reviews: 0 
I decided to take a semi-break from reading during November and throughly enjoyed it. I did read some of other books that I didn’t finish, though. 

1 Night Gone
New countries or states: None 

November Goal Updates 
1. If the Lord wills and I live I will Complete NaNoWriMo {Yes, and exceeded it}
2. If the Lord wills and I live I will read one nonfiction book and review it {No. Haha, as simple as it was and I didn’t do it. Crazy.}
3. If the Lord wills and I live I will reach Lamentations in my Bible reading. {No. November totally did not go according to plan.}

What I’ve Been Learning
Life does not always go according to plan, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. Sometimes I need to let go and set aside goals and expectations and embrace life as it flies at me. Just because something does not go my way does not mean that I’m allowed to complain or get upset about it. I need to be flexible and relax instead of getting stressed out. 
I’ve been learning that there are lasting effects to having Lyme disease that I had never imagined. I’ve also discovered that I am so sick and tired of even thinking about Lyme disease and taking a break from working on When Life Hands You Lymes was wonderful. Even though I’ve been over Lyme disease for a couple of years, there are still parts of my daily life that are affected by it and I’m trying to work though those and remembering to rejoice in everything, even when it’s hard. Plus, celebrating small victories helps a lot. 
Wrists/arms/the body… Yeah, they’re all important and I need to treat them with care and make sure I glorify God with my body so that I can do the work that He has put me on earth for. That sometimes means laying aside expectations. And remembering to rejoice. And acknowledging that God is in control of my life and that I will be content even if life doesn’t follow the path I’ve planned for. 
It hit me again in November how important books are. They really have played a huge part in my life. It was quite rewarding to think of the fact that my words will some day be able to touch other people’s lives like some of the books I’ve read have touched mine. It’s an honor and a responsibility that I do not take lightly. 
First Aid. A group of us at work went through a six and a half hour first aid class. Yikes, I’m still planning on blogging about that some day, but I learned a lot. Including the fact that some things that look like huge mountains can be climbed with laughter (that’s a metaphor, not something to do with the actual material we learned). I learned (in theory, anyway), how to do CPR, bandage someone up, check to see what the problem is when someone is hurt, apply a splint, apply a tourniquet, etc… 
I went with a bunch of my family and co-workers to hear John Maxwell speak and that was delightful and insightful as always. Mr. Maxwell talked about living life with intentionality and even though I’ve heard him speak on the subject before, I still scribbled notes most of the time. One thing that he said that made a lot of sense was Growth is not an automatic process. You naturally grow older, but you don’t automatically grow in other ways. You have to be intentional.” For some reason I have to be reminded of that every few months. He also said Everything good in your life is uphill. You have to be intentional because you do not coast uphill.” There is so much truth in that. I am working on living an intentional life and pleasing God with all I do. 

For the last half of the month I studied different positions, stretches, practices, etc… to help with keeping a healthy body while working on a computer for so many hours at a time. I learned a lot and I’m thankful for the changes I’ve been able to implement into my life. 

This is an on-going lesson, but in November I had a lot of great chances to work on turning to Jesus and focusing on Him and what I have to be thankful for when I get stressed out. I didn’t ace this subject, but I did learn and grow in it. 

This month was a collage of so many different things that I can hardly kick my mind into focus to remember exactly what happened in the 30 days that composed November. 
One of the best parts was getting to go to a Michael Card concert (I’m hoping to blog about that, too). I grew up on his music and have continued to enjoy it immensely and meeting him and listening to him in person was way more amazing that I would have imagined. 
This probably seems silly to include in my month review, but during the last part of the month I got to play a lot of games with various family members. Games are one of my favorite things to do and I had so much fun. I seriously don’t know if I’ve met anyone who enjoys card and board games as much as I do, so pretty much the games were one of the highlights of my month. 
Eating white chocolate was also a fantastic way to spend the month. I had so much fun having a white chocolate month. It made the whole month and all the writing that went along with the first two weeks of November feel like a celebration. (Plus, I had six people give me white chocolate, can you imagine?!?) One morning my sister, her best friend and I sat around on a blanket on my office floor eating white chocolate and talking. That definitely made it into my Happy November Memories memory bank. 
November was also a month of change as far as my writing set up goes. I am working on making changes now that will help with my long-term health as a writer. That means instead of sitting on an easy chair I’m sitting at a table with my computer at eye level and I’m using a keyboard and mouse that are designed to help reduce stress to the body. It’s been a challenge to make all the changes I’ve needed, but it’s going to pay back many times over. 
Of course we had Thanksgiving as well. We spent a lot of time with family during that week and it was good. I have a new niece and nephew since last November, so it was a treat getting to see them. 

What about you? How did your November go? 

When "National Novel Writing Month" Turns Into "Eat All the White Chocolate I Want Month"

I have so much super amazing support when it comes to my writing that it’s pretty crazy. Take for instance the announcement that I made at the beginning of this month that I was calling November not only “National Novel Writing Month” but also “Eat All the White Chocolate I Want Month.” 
Writers are always talking about how they eat chocolate to celebrate or when one of their characters are threatening to die or when a plot hole is so large it has the capability of swallowing whole cities. Since I don’t generally go around eating candy I always felt a bit left out of these enthusiastic virtual (and real) chocolate eating parties. So, this month I decided to include myself in the festivities.  

I’m not sure if I’m sub-conciously begging people to give me handouts of white chocolate or if my face proclaims “White chocolate makes me happy” (perhaps is the fact that I talk about it all the time???), but people have been giving me white chocolate. Yes, that’s right. People, not just one person. No, this month I’ve had five people give me whole packs of white chocolate, four of them just this past weekend. Needless to say I was rather astonished and blown away. (Thank you, by the way!!! Y’all are amazing!)

See? I’m surrounded by generous and caring people and it makes my little heart so happy. It also makes my chocolate box filled to the brim and maybe overflowing, so we just had a party where I invited my sister and a couple of friends into my room and we snacked on the delicious goodness. It was wonderful.

To all of you who support my writing, whether it’s by reading my blog or buying my book or giving me white chocolate or asking how my writing is going or emailing me encouraging words/advice, Thank you! Being a writer isn’t always the most easy road to travel, but I know I have tons of support and that makes the journey so much more amazing and totally worth-while. 
To all you writers who read my blog: Keep going! Writing can be difficult but if it’s really your dream and passion than it is worth it. There are times when I feel like curling up in a ball and hoping that I’m a caterpillar so I can emerge from my cocoon as a butterfly because this is hard work and sometimes hard work seems way harder than it should be. It’s a journey we’re on though, not just a destination we are striving for. One day you’ll be able to look back and be proud of the way you kept going, even when the going got tough. 

And to all of you who wonder how much chocolate I’ve devoured during the first sixteen days of my “Eat All the White Chocolate I Want Month” here’s a picture. ^ That might look like a lot, but it averages out to one and a half pieces a day, so I’m pretty sure I’m doing fine.

* * *
What about you? Do you like white chocolate? 

NaNo Update (Spoiler: I finished it in five days) and Snippets

I know I was quite the absentee blogger last week folks. That wasn’t planned. It just happened. There is a very good reason as to why it happened though, and I thought you would be delighted to share in the joy and celebrate with me. 
See, see, seeeeee! I wrote 50,000 words in five days. People! The NaNo (National Novel Writing Month) goal is 50,000 words. That means I hit the goal in five days instead of thirty. Which of course means I dove right back into planning mode and worked on the plot for the second book in the series and then promptly wrote the first 1,000 words on Saturday. 

And, also, if you didn’t notice from this beautiful little picture (which is a tad bit off because I didn’t write on Sunday which was day #1, so my average words per day was actually 10,000), I had a 20,000 word day. Yes, tis true. It was crazy. Especially since I’ve also been fighting a cold most of the week and I spent half of the 20,000 word day not feeling up to anything and therefore doing a lot of sleeping. 
I’m very excited about this week and seeing where I get on the second book in the series. It has a promising plot and I can hardly wait to dig back into it this morning. Sadly, I will have to limit my writing at least somewhat because between typing a huge amount (I was also typing some stuff for my non-writing job) and crocheting baby blankets my right wrist is a bit sore and I don’t want to risk permanently damaging it. I gave it yesterday almost completely off, to the point where I took notes in church with my left hand (not a pretty sight, people!), so it should be good to go. 
I decided to do something extra special. I wanted to share snippets of my story but I’m not allowing myself to go back through and read it until the month is over so I didn’t think that would work… Then as I was writing this post I was like “Ah, come on! Let’s just find some random pieces of the book you can share with everyone. They’ll enjoy it, it will make you happy and you don’t have to read large amounts so it’s a win-win situation.” So of course I did. 
Y’all, it was actually rather shocking because I wrote the book in such a rapid flurry that I kinda forget most of what happens. Of course the plot points stick out, but other than that? Yeah, rather blurry. By the way, I picked pretty much the first snippets I came upon… I find them rather entertaining though, so hopefully y’all do, too. 
And, I’m almost late to a meeting at my non-writing job so I need to rapidly finish this. The first two snippets are actually a continuation of each other, but it was too much to use as one picture. And, sorry if you can’t read them on your phone… If you click on the picture then zoom up it should work better. Also, these are completely unedited so forgive that, I was just so excited about sharing part of my story with y’all! 

* * * 
* * * 

* * *
I hope that was enjoyable for y’all! Have a great Monday and I’ll (hopefully) see you tomorrow! 

November 2015 Goals & NaNo Update

Hey! Hey! Hey! I’m still alive. My brain is about ready to jump out of my head though. You should see the way that it’s dancing around inside my skull as I pound away at NaNo. I’ve been having a delightful time with building my word count and writing this book. The words have come slowly at times and quite rapidly at other times.

I told my mom today that I think I’m going to have to go to the chiropractor when the month is over because my neck and head and back are all tight from me being hunched over my computer with my fingers flying along and concentration a mile deep. I have been trying to stretch and move around though so I don’t cause too much damage to my little body. Plus I’ve been drinking a lot of water. That should help, right? And taking walks. (We have had the most beautiful days recently!)

This morning I’ve already been typing for a while, trying to build up that word count and get my story out of my head and onto the page. There are so many thoughts swirling around in my head that I can’t even concentrate on them any more. I’ve been dealing with absolutely zero writers block, which makes me quite happy indeed. That’s not to say that my mind is comprehending what’s going on around me or even in the story because I’m in a constant state of “Oh yes, there’s something I need to do. Focus. Stop chewing on that pen and start writing again”, but it’s a good feeling. 
I don’t know how to describe it except I’m feeling exhausted pretty much all the time and yet it’s wonderful. Yesterday I had an early meeting at work and so I didn’t get nearly the writing done that I wanted to (or blogging, for that matter) and yet today I got a fairly early start and so I took ahold of it and sat down and began typing without even eating breakfast. 
I’m off to find something of quality to eat, but before that, here are my three November Goals.

Goals for November 2015:
1. If the Lord wills and I live I will Complete NaNoWriMo
2. If the Lord wills and I live I will read one nonfiction book and review it
3. If the Lord wills and I live I will reach Lamentations in my Bible reading. 
…Mostly though, folks, I’ll be doing NaNo. Lots and lots and lots of writing. Amen and amen. 
* * *
What about you? What are your November goals? 

NaNo Craziness Has Officially Started

Welcome. There’s a very scary place where only a few venture to travel and that is called Aidyl’s Office during NaNo. It’s quite freaky indeed, but I’m reaching out and yanking you through the doorway before you even know what’s going on so I can babble on and on about what’s happening in this remote and amazing room. 
See, there’s a story taking place. No, really. A story is being written in this very room. It’s actually probably more correct to say “A girl who could possibly pass as a mad scientist is currently secluding herself in a red and tan office while writing furiously and randomly throwing words on to a page with the hope that at the end of the months she’ll look back and they’ll actually make sense.”
I don’t write on Sundays (except for my 100 words) and so therefore even though NaNo (National Novel Writing Month) officially started on Sunday, I didn’t begin my head long dash into the month of writing until Monday morning. Then I went at it with a vengeance. (That is totally not the correct word, but my brain has spilled out so many incorrect words recently that I’m going to act like it is.) 
I had this lofty goal of writing maybe 5,000 words the first day. Then a little while later I decided to change that goal to 10,000 words. Sadly that didn’t happen because I didn’t hit the 10,000 word mark until a little bit after midnight… I know, right? Like, couldn’t the clock have just stopped for maybe 27 minutes? (Or maybe I should have stopped procrastinating earlier in the day? Humm… That’s food for thought.) 
And speaking of food for thought! I’m trying to be healthy. Yes. Very heathy. You see, when I’m sitting here writing and writing and writing I like to also munch. And drink. And lick pens. So this morning for breakfast I had a bowl of crunchy veggies while working on my story. (And pomegranates. If you’ve never had pomegranates I’m sorry and I hope you rectify that soon.) 
Okay, I might have lied when I said “very healthy” because in preparation for NaNo I went out and bought some delicious white chocolate. In fact, I found white Reese’s cups for the first time ever and almost did a jig right there in the store. These chocolates are delicious. I have already gobbled down a few of them and am currently wondering why I only bought one bag. I mean, NaNo lasts a month, right? (I don’t generally allow myself chocolate, people. Or candy for that matter (except life savors) so this is a special treat and I’m enjoying it greatly.) 

Anyway. I shall henceforth end this post soon because I have more words to type out and I have the rest of life to live, too, although I’m trying to forget that fact from time to time so I can focus on my story. It’s a beautiful story full of bitterness and rejected children and hope and love and loyalty and all those amazing attributes. Mostly about princesses though. Princesses who don’t actual exist and others that act as if they don’t exist. (Does this give you a little peek inside my brain? Freaky place, right? But oh, so fun!)

I shall try and share snippets with you some time during this glorious month. For now though, good bye. Be good and don’t forget to dance for pure joy at least once a week. 

This Little Gal is doing NaNoWriMo (Cue Shrieks of Joy and Excitement)

Guess what, folks! I decided it pretty late in the game, but, *deep breath*, I’m planning on taking part in National Novel Writing Month (NaNo) in November. Which, in case you didn’t realize it, is only three days away. 
See, I’ve spent the last six weeks working on the forth draft of my current WIP, When Life Hands You Lymes, and I wanted to celebrate getting that draft finished (yay!), so NaNo seemed like a perfect gift to myself. It’s been twenty-two months since I’ve gotten to work on a new book and as any writer knows, new projects and ideas are so shinny and exciting and fun. 
I told myself I wouldn’t do anything for NaNo until I was finished with the 4th draft of my book, so I put my head down and ran with WLHYL until I had fixed all my known problems and added details and hundreds of other tweaks. (I still have to get the last few chapters back from my beta reader and make changes per her suggestions, but I obviously can’t do that until I get the suggestions back from her, so I have a free card on that front.) 
Yesterday morning after I gleefully finished the editing I pulled out my No Plot? No Problem! book that I had started a few months earlier and spent several hours reading it and cramming writing info into my brain. I also finished re-reading Go Teen Writers which was fantastic as always and I should basically start re-reading it again right away. It’s that good. 
As of yesterday morning I still had basically no idea what book I was going to write for NaNo. I have lots of cute little ideas bumping around on the walls of my brain, but hey, choosing which story to spend the next 30 days wrapped up in is not a light matter. 
I told myself that if I wanted I could just choose a fun story idea that I would write for pure practice and not worry about the results. That idea has some merit to it, especially since I’ve spent almost two years on a book that was very personal and rather difficult to work on at times. 
Then of course I could do a story that I’ve had yelling at me during random moments of my life, like “HEY! We are such a cool idea! FOCUS ON US and forget about the rest of the world for a while. We’ll make you laugh, and OH, oh, oh, we even have names for ourselves, so that helps you out a lot.” (I have a hard time naming characters…)
And then. Then there’s the story that I have been extremely excited about writing for the last three (four?) years. The one I started back when I was probably still in my teens and spent months on it before putting it aside because I realized my writing skills weren’t equal to the story and plot. 
It’s that story. The one that as a writer I feel like I’ve hit a jackpot. The plot twists have come through at random times throughout the last few years and leave me feeling almost giddy with excitement. It’s my favorite story idea of all time and I can still remember all the very important “ah-ha” moments in it’s creation.
At first I told myself I wouldn’t work on that story during NaNo. I didn’t want to add any pressure to my editing-brain at the time. But, but as soon as my editing brain switched to “new story brain” it started jumping up and down in excitement saying “Do it, do it, do it!” and tickling my memory with all the neat aspects of the story and assuring me that “Don’t worry about a thing, if you don’t like what you come up with you can always scrap it and start over again. It won’t be the first time.” 
So, even though I haven’t decided entirely, I’m pretty sure that I’ll be writing Echoes, which I also refer to as TGS. It will be a hugely amazing amount of fun and I’m hoping to go to the store and buy some fun snacks and maybe some juice and chocolate and new socks to work with. Because, yeah,  new socks make writing (and life) so much better. 

This morning was the first day I’ve been on the NaNo website for years and I’m a little bit overwhelmed thinking of all the information there is to explore and people add to my writing buddy list and announcing my novel… Not to mention plotting out my novel or anything (despite the advice in No Plot? No Problem! I plan on beginning my writing with a fantastically wonderful plot. Who cares that November is only a few days away and I have a lot of other stuff to do between then and now…

And speaking of that, I need to stop typing so I can go and get ready for my non-writing job so I’m not late to work… I’m really excited about this though and I feel like sharing all the happy info with y’all. I could continue on and on with my plans and ideas, so it’s actually a good thing that I don’t have the time.

* * *
What about you? Are you doing NaNo? I can’t wait to see who all is taking part in this adventure! 

NaNoWriMo Is Over – Winner?

 You know what guys? As the first few minutes of December pass by, I’m sure that there are some people who just finished up a vigorous race to finish the last of their words for NaNoWriMo 2012. Others probably gave up ages ago. Still others might have finished with plenty of time to spare.

Me, what about me? Who knows if you all still remember (with my very limited about of posting this past month) that I too, decided to take part in NaNoWriMo this year. And since I did, the question begs to be answered: Did I or didn’t I win? (Winning = writing 50,000 words during the month of November.)

I did win.
And I won with several days to spare.
(The 27th, actually.)

So of course now you’re wondering why in the world it took me this long to let you all know. I asked myself the same question. Because pretty much, I wrote my final words, and I was like “Oh my goodness! Now I get to tell all my blogging friends that I actually just accomplished what I set out to do!”

And then I thought that again the next day. And the next day. And the next day. Yes, I know, I still haven’t answered the question. But I’m getting there. Be patient with me. Seriously, this is kind of like running a marathon or something. (Ok, so I wouldn’t know, ‘cause I’ve never done it, but I can imagine!) *Right there ^ is the answer* I didn’t post on here because I was too tired. As much as I enjoy writing and want to write all the time, it still takes energy. Lots and lots of energy, and that’s one thing I don’t have an over abundance of.

Seriously though, I’m totally thrilled to be posting on here again. I didn’t even realize how much I was missing it, although I did miss it. This blog has become a really great asset to my life. There was a time a few months ago when I was very consumed by getting my pageviews and following count up, but recently, I’ve just been like “Yeah, these people are loyal. They actually enjoy what I have to say. They listen. I’m happy for them.” And I’ve not stressed over trying to make my blog be the coolest thing ever just so more people come and see it, because I’m just so thankful for those of you who do come and look at it – and of course if you’re one of those lovely people who leave comments, that makes it even better! (I know, random place to mention that, but hey!)

So, even though my mind isn’t wanting to work very much right now, I have a really cool new idea for a book. I’m going to try and hold off on it for a little while, because I really need to focus on editing, but you’ll probably be hearing about it before too long. Just listen (watch) for the word limes. Simple enough, no?

But really, editing needs to come first. Pretty much, I need to give myself a little pep talk here, so just hold on a second while I tell myself something I need to hear.

Ok, Aidyl. I know you’ve got all those great ideas bursting to get out of your head, but editing is really important, too. 
I know, I know! But I don’t go around telling people that I’m an editor… I’m a writer!
Well, writing stuff is great. If no one wrote, then there would be no need for editors… But you want to get your stuff to the editor so you can publish it, right? 
Oh, oh oh! Publish? Yeah, I want to publish my books. Can I tell them? Can I? Can I?
Aidyl! Be quiet! That news is for another day, another time! 
Oh, come on, don’t be so stuffy!
Aidyl, be nice to me. And if you edit quickly, then you’ll be able to write again before long. Plus, you still get to work on your 100/100 challenge story. 
Oh, alright then. But that doesn’t mean that I’m happy or that I agree with you.
Fine, Aidyl. Fine. Just edit. Take a deep breath and edit. 

So yeah, I know that was probably really awkward for you to read just now, but at least you get to see what it feels like when I want to write and know I should be editing instead… (Editing = getting manuscript ready for real editor.)

Please now, let me know about your writing experiences. Did you do NaNoWriMo? Did you it? What have you been writing this past month? Thank you, everyone, for encouraging me, even if only by reading my blog during this crazy month!

(Oh, and great job to Kiri Liz and Writeinthelight17, the two NaNoWriMo writing buddies I did the most stuff with. They both did a great job in reaching the 50,000 word mark! And Writeinthelight17, you totally blew me away with your final word count. Peoples, she reached over 75,000!)

I Can And I Will Do It!

I sit here, thinking of the words I have written this month, and the words I still have to write. So far, I’m at 33,000 words. Since I’m just one day over the half-way mark, that sounds pretty good, knowing I only have 17,000 left to write, right?

Only, knowing me, I realize that those are the easy words. Those are the words that flow out of my fingers without much prompting. My mind just automatically comes up with them and spits them out as fast as my fingers can fly over the keyboard.

For me, it’s after I reach about 40,000 that my fingers start being finicky and my mind begins wandering. Other story ideas began claiming my shorting attention span, and I really have to fight to keep pushing on.

17,000 words.

14 days.

I can do it.

I will do it.

NaNoWriMo’s Going Great – Cool Movie

Well, I didn’t think I’d be telling y’all this, but I’m kinda taking a few moments to procrastinate here, and thought I would get something worth while done when I’m at it. 
(I actually like to think of it as finding inspiration for the next chapter I’m about to write, 
but I realized that if I kept telling myself that, I wouldn’t be being quite truthful to little ol’ me.) 
Anyway, maybe if you watch this movie, 
you’ll get inspired to see your story from a different point of view and add some life to it. 
Now let’s see if I can pound out another couple thousand words tonight… 
Oh, one last thing. I’m pretty happy with myself because I just spelled “procrastinate”
 and I didn’t even know I knew how to.
 *Pats self on the back* 
(Seriously, how often do you use that word in everyday life? I hardly ever do.)
Oh, and NaNo update? 17,000 words! Yea-ah! 

NaNoWriMo Day 3

Day Three. 
I’m actually having more fun with this than I thought I would. 
I know the last three weeks of November are going to be crazy-busy, so I’m trying to get as far ahead as I can during this first only  semi-busy month. The first two days I wrote seven thousand words, so in my estimate, I’m doing pretty much ok. 
(And yes, now I’m on here, writing a blog post instead of beginning my NaNo writing for day three. But I don’t think I’m procrastinating, because I’ve been planning on writing this post all along.) zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
No, that ^ is not me sleeping, it’s me leaning over my keyboard to fish something out of Novel (my puppy’s) mouth, and I thought I’d leave it, because it’s sort of like her guest posting, right? 

Some of my great tips = 
Mornings: Those are great times for writing. 
Especially if your new puppy wakes you up about two hours before normal. 
(Therefore everyone should get a new puppy right before NaNo… 
Just be prepared to spend un-counted hours housebreaking, feeding, training and house-proofing for her… Not to mention get ready to pull something out of her mouth every five minutes. 
And I hope you don’t need to get an uninterrupted nights sleep.)
Internet: Use it as a reward, even the researching part. You can just leave notes to yourself, where you have to look up something, etc… And don’t get on it until you’ve written a specific amount of words. 
*Exception* If like me you don’t have any great soundtracks to movies to work with, 
you can look those up on youtube, just make sure that you choose a long one, like 20+ minutes, 
so you don’t have to change it. And then down size the window so you don’t see it again. 
Blogs: Make sure to give updates, even if they’re just little ones 
so all your readers will want to take part in NaNo next year. 
Plus, all the other NaNo people who have found your blog through your NaNo info will enjoy it. 
(But of course don’t spend mega long times on your blog, else it might turn from blog-writing into procrastinating…. Like that might be what I’m doing right now?)
Advice: Make sure you listen to what the experienced NaNo writers say. Of course you can also listen to the newbies, but make sure to take everything they say with a grain of salt. 
(I’m not sure what that saying means, but I do know that salt is really amazingly good and useful…)