A Random Post

So, I don’t have Pinterest, but I do look at it every once in a while… And the other day I was talking to Jenn at my cousin’s graduation party (yes, some day I’m going to have a post about that, because I’m incredibly proud of my cousin…), and I was asking Jenn about blogging, and one thing she told me was to blog what I felt like blogging. And today I feel like blogging random, funny things. So here you go. 
(All images from pinterest.)

The first time I saw this, I laughed like crazy. It hit me as rather funny, probably ‘cause I was tired.

I wonder if that’s true…

Makes me think of me with my little siblings.

Unless you’ve seen this before, you probably did read it wrong. =)
I would have a hard time keeping my face straight while waiting.

Duh. =)

It’s like the classic ‘Don’t Give Up’

Um, but I can’t make funny faces at myself while brushing my teeth…
 Another one of those things that struck me as really funny.

And another…
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